Pasadena, CA 
Oak Grove (Hahamongna Park) Share
Uploaded By: snappyfingers  
The Iron Maiden (Vintage Basket)

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Disc Lost Date Hole Member
    Innova Champion Monarch (170g) 1/19/2009 -- nate6986
    Innova DX Cobra (171g) 1/22/2009 -- nate6986
    Innova DX Moray (172g) 5/21/2009 1 pokamitch
    Innova DX Wraith (166g) 5/21/2009 A pokamitch
    Innova DX Beast (168g) 8/29/2009 S adh56
    Innova Champion Groove 9/7/2009 10 adh56
Innova Champion Teebird (172g) 10/11/2009 S adh56
    Gateway E Series Assassin (172g) 1/21/2010 -- Blake1844
    Innova R-Pro Boss (150g) 2/1/2010 11 adh56
    Innova Star Roc (San Marino) (180g) 2/1/2010 -- adh56
    Innova Star Teebird L (TL) (170g) 2/1/2010 S adh56
    Latitude 64 Gold Line Striker (174g) 2/28/2010 2 Apothecary
    Innova DX Wraith (173g) 4/27/2010 11 Lalo818
    Innova Champion Valkyrie (150g) 11/17/2010 -- RobBass
    Innova Champion Teebird (168g) 1/16/2011 10 bazillion
    Innova Star Destroyer (172g) 3/1/2011 11A huronick1
    Innova DX Leopard (175g) 3/2/2011 -- Danger
    Innova DX Leopard (155g) 6/15/2011 11A DiskTossa
Innova Champion Valkyrie (175g) 6/18/2011 15 fuzzhead_smurf
    Innova Star Archon (162g) 6/30/2011 11 fuzzhead_smurf
    Innova DX Orc (175g) 7/14/2011 7 howardb
    Discmania P-Line DD2 Frenzy (172g) 8/2/2011 11A Jaysen
    Innova Glow Champion Boss (175g) 8/16/2011 12 Jaysen
    Innova Champion Roadrunner (172g) 8/31/2011 12 BrownieSmasha
    Innova Star Wraith (172g) 9/16/2011 S BrownieSmasha

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