Columbia, MO 
Albert Oakland Park - Back Course Share
Uploaded By: scarpfish   (Taken 6/2009)
Course sign at start of the back course

Disc Lost Date Hole Member
    Axiom Proton Insanity (155g) 7/25/2015 17 lynxsumm
    Innova Champion Viking (170g) 11/9/2014 17 shyguy30
    Innova Champion Monarch (172g) 5/10/2014 16 Exovel
    Innova Blizzard Champion Ape (158g) 11/12/2013 17 cmmatzat
    Innova Champion Teebird L (TL) (170g) 8/29/2012 18 Mind Expansi0n
    Innova DX Viper (168g) 7/9/2012 11 COMODG
    Innova Champion Valkyrie (168g) 5/8/2012 17 Mind Expansi0n
    Innova Champion Viking (169g) 3/20/2012 5 Mind Expansi0n
    Innova Star Wraith (171g) 12/2/2011 17 mutigers13
    Innova DX Viking (170g) 9/24/2011 17 shyguy30
    Innova Champion Viking (168g) 8/4/2011 16 Mind Expansi0n
    Innova Champion Eagle KC 10x/11x (168g) 6/28/2011 -- Mind Expansi0n
    Innova Star Katana (172g) 6/4/2011 11 Archie
    Innova Pro Line Teebird (168g) 8/14/2010 17 shyguy30
    Innova DX Wraith (175g) 9/25/2009 17 mutigers13

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