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How to get a child of obedience?
Obedience child is a sensitive point, as in this case, there is always a definite line between reasonable obedience, which takes into account the child's wishes and his own choice, or oppressive method, in which only fit the interests of the parents. Of course, the second option is not optimal, since in this case there is a threat to cause the child psychological trauma, because of which it can grow with the appearance of a large number of complex and even when in contact with their peers will not be able to feel confident. Therefore it is always necessary to understand the process that the cooperation will give more positive results than the & quot; game with only one goal & quot ;. This view is shared by many child psychologists.
For a child to obey, you first need to think about their own behavior system, which must include praise, punishment, care, affection and rigor. Formation of an optimal response to the child's actions will not only greater likelihood of achieving the desired behavior, and the child will be more clearly understand what is expected of him and how he should respond to parents' requests. It is worth noting that a more careful approach requires extraordinary situations, when the child is very suitable for parent and asks, for example, take a walk in the yard. To deny such a service is absolutely not advisable if mom or dad just want to contemplate the child's home. After all, we must remember that he also needs to communicate with peers and simple process of socialization. Simply is to limit the time and reach a certain agreement. Partnering with your child - it's always a benefit for both sides. When using this method, each family member can meet their needs and exist peacefully. It is worth remembering that the child may protest to show not only because he wants to, but because he believes the behavior of their parents is not fair to him. Do not rush to speak their own & quot; no & quot ;. In this case it is necessary to analyze their own actions in relation to the child, and only then give him reasons that would indicate his error of judgment. Even if the child is quite small, like all manner of solving conflicts should be used as soon as possible. Play slot games for free at Book of Ra Deluxe 777.com Enjoy the rush of excitement!