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How to resist manipulator
According to Everett Shostroma, manipulator - a person who uses other people as things. In today's world, tuned to the consumption of goods, such a representation of people about each other, unfortunately, very widespread.
To understand what you manipulate and resist this negative influence, it is necessary to know how to operate cranes. All manipulative techniques can be divided into two types: the top and bottom. E. Shostrom built its classification of manipulative personalities from the name, which are the clear impact:
• «Dog from above" (trampling) - a judge, a calculator, a dictator, a bully.
• «Dog bottom" (trampled) - rag defender stuck, nice guy.
Each of us live these types of manipulators, and more clearly manifests a particular type depends on external circumstances. Ironically, we are on the deep intuitive level feel, how to manage other people, but easily gets to manipulation.

Receptions standoff manipulator

• Increase self-esteem. It is very difficult to manipulate the person who really appreciates their capabilities and self-assured. Know your strengths and do not be humble when you are trying to humiliate
• Do not be silent! If you paddle statements are not pleasant, express their feelings openly, explicitly stated that you do not get used.
• Be carefull. manipulators Arsenal is very diverse. Flattery will need to be able to distinguish from the genuine praise. If you feel the falseness, you see that the person is trying to please you beyond measure, try to politely minimize such contact.
• Down with the fear and guilt! scare you, try to stay calm When attempting to paddle. The task of any arm - to bring the interlocutor from the state of emotional stability and get his attention and emotions to get the benefits.
• Be able to refuse. If you do something really do not need to, be able to say a firm "no." This will be an effective weapon against the manipulator. Do not let politeness involve you in a destructive relationship with a manipulator.

Once again, when you attempt to withdraw from a stable emotional state, to impose their opinion, cause a feeling of guilt, take a look at ourselves and make sure it is close to the truth evaluation of the situation, this companion. Try to calm down and to create for themselves closer to the truth of reality. Remember that manipulation - destructive way to communicate, do not allow themselves to be drawn into an unhealthy relationship even permanently. lesbian gay movies collection