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Sticking wallpaper whole family
How would that not say, but have always been and will always be the wallpaper most popular and most popular type of wall decoration at home or apartment. Depending on what kind of preferences and financial possibilities, you can choose today is exactly the kind of wallpaper that fits best for a particular case.

Today the market is particularly prevalent are these types of wallpaper:
1. Wallpaper paper - simple and extremely easy to use, environmentally friendly, after gluing the wall of wallpaper "breathe". The use of these wallpapers in residential buildings or office type allows most noticeably reduce the thermal conductivity of the walls and increase sound absorption it. The service life is compensated by a very low cost of just such wallpaper.
2. Vinyl wallpaper - wallcoverings bilayer. Most often, the lower layer fabric wallpaper or paper, which is coated with polyvinyl, and the entire top layer - drawing or embossing. A variety of wallpaper - "foam" wallpaper that is made after a special surface treatment wallpaper and dense structure. Vinyl wallpaper is very easy to clean.
3. Wallpaper textiles - cloth laminated paper with natural tissue, the fibers separate it on top of the paper itself. Wallpapers are not lit, and they are ecologically safe. These wallpapers are very expensive, because the manufacture of wallpaper - a very complex process.
4. Wallpaper veneer - those wallpapers, which are based very thick paper with a layer of veneer of the most valuable tree species that is applied on top. Wallpapers are natural, well retain heat.

How glued wallpaper

In wallpapering most importantly - to perform surface preparation correctly. Performing putty the surface of your wall will eliminate the numerous irregularities, holes and cracks. If we look at the old apartment, originally performed on a wall sticking of old newspapers, because they are after is completely dry, well-tensioned, and the wallpaper then they go to a lot better, a lot better than they are pasted.

Starting procedure for performing pasting with the fact that the surface of the wall is applied to the adhesive, and then he with a brush or roller is applied to the layer of fabric that was previously cut according to the height of the room. A layer of fabric should be within a few minutes, very little swell. Wallpapers are always glued back to back, and begins the process of pasting is always away from the window. The very first band, as you would not want that, the most important, so you need to glue it perfectly straight. If there is even the slightest shift of all bands will be further pasted twisted. To avoid such a situation, it is necessary to put on a special vertical wall with a pencil markings. After you paste the web, do a dry roller rolling - initially at the top and bottom, because from the middle to each side, because it is so all trapped air will be released. Until the procedure is carried out as a web will not disappear any air bubbles. Glued butt each new canvas to the first web, drawing at the same time we must try to reconcile. At that time, how will you hang angle, painting is better not to bend and cut.

Wallpapers that are matched correctly, choose the right technology of their gluing, will allow you to enjoy a beautiful and very comfortable room for a long period of time. Mega Joker slot.com is a perfect place to start your acquaintance with slot games!