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Why can't I edit my post after five minutes?

There are a couple motivating reasons to limit the edit time. There are multiple places to where posts get copied. If the post is later edited then there are different versions of it floating around and that can get confusing.

The first place is if anyone quotes the pre-edit post it shows up in the reply in its original form. If the original poster then goes back and makes edits it looks weird and inconsistent to any subsequent readers.

The second place is that anyone who subscribes to a thread with instant notification gets an e-mail with the pre-edit version of the post. If the original poster then goes back and makes edits it's confusing to the subscriber who got the e-mail to go to the form and see something different posted than what was e-mailed. Note that this is still a problem with the five-minute limit today, but the five-minute limit will reduce the overall number of edits made.

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