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  1. TheWCG
    08-26-2011 01:07 PM
    I'd be up for camping?!? But I still gotta check and see if I can pull this off. I figure it's pretty simple, cheap, and not too far.. I'll get back to you on this topic.
  2. Jukeshoe
    08-26-2011 12:20 PM
    Oh hellz yeah! Camp or no camp? It's cheap to camp and night golf there is AWESOME. We could even hit up the Peru area courses (definitely some good variety discin' ala South Bend...several solid courses that compliment each other very well).

    Discflinger is on his way (as we speak) to scoop me up and play RLW and possibly LL this afternoon...he's suddenly free like a bird and hit the road this am.
  3. TheWCG
    08-26-2011 12:10 PM
    Possibly thinking about extra francy park?
  4. Jukeshoe
    08-26-2011 10:58 AM
    No plans for the moment, whatcha thinkin'?
  5. TheWCG
    08-26-2011 08:28 AM
    Heeeeeeeeeyyyyy Juuuuuuuuke....? What are you doing for Laaaaabor Day weeeeeeeekend???? *whiny voice*
  6. TheWCG
    08-12-2011 07:08 PM
  7. Jukeshoe
    08-12-2011 04:30 PM
    Okey dokey! Did you pm Alan?
  8. TheWCG
    08-12-2011 04:13 PM
    Cool, I will see you and your sandwiches at 9. And... I think Zenbot is watching your every move...
  9. Jukeshoe
    08-12-2011 02:12 PM
    RLW Saturday at 9...I'm game...
  10. TheWCG
    08-12-2011 01:25 PM
    RLW @ 9?.... I'm sick of LL....

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