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  1. alexrd35
    08-22-2010 02:57 AM
    yea definitely man. shoot me a pm if you wanna play a round sometime. im free most evenings so whenever is cool with me.
  2. cbeckett22
    08-20-2010 10:16 AM
    Yeah man I thought it was pretty cool as well! It looked like you got a pretty good rip on that one too. Definitely would have been better had they shown the rest of the shot. We need to get together again and play another round sometime..
  3. alexrd35
    08-20-2010 04:23 AM
    haha thats pretty badass dude. I actually remember bobby filming me there. I parked the whole. Only person on my card to do it. Wish he woulda shown the shot land. Maybe in the full length dvd.
    thanks for the link bro.
  4. cbeckett22
    08-19-2010 09:49 PM
    Hey man, I was watching the Glass Blown Open video on Youtube, and I saw you in it.. Didn't know if you knew you were in this video, but in case you didn't here it is:
    You come in at 5:13..

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