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  1. notapro
    09-02-2013 10:51 PM
    How many cards are in your cube? And how many do you use for a draft like we did????

    For the first time, GDBP feels a tinge of regret for parting with his collection so easily.
  2. notapro
    09-02-2013 03:56 PM
    Ha, yeah, all good. Stayed up til 3 actually. Sorry about passing out; I crashed hard from the sugar. That's obesity for ya!!

    I've been thinking more about MTG too; that's dangerous...
  3. Jukeshoe
    09-02-2013 02:40 PM
    You get home last night okay, lol!?

    When I saw you pull out of the lot and right into another parking space I thought you were gonna go right back to sleep!

    I'm STILL pissed about that unmarked detour...WTF, Indiana can't afford frickin' signage!?
  4. Jukeshoe
    06-22-2013 09:15 AM
    I should bring up rendering next time I'm at a dinner party.

    *someone asks for the gravy*

    Juke: Hey, did you guys know that rendering is the oldest form of recycling???

  5. notapro
    06-21-2013 10:40 PM
    Seriously, that made the whole movie.
  6. Jukeshoe
    06-21-2013 10:19 PM
    Cool. Glad you enjoyed it. My favorite parts are all the things the rendering plant guy says.
  7. notapro
    06-21-2013 09:52 PM
    That was a pretty interesting film, definitely something I would watch if I stumbled upon it on TV. Thought it climaxed way too early though; the first half was great.
  8. Jukeshoe
    06-21-2013 09:41 AM
    Hmm, interesting title...keep reminding me to check it out. Considering I watch (literally) about 1 movie every two years, it might take me a while to get around to it.
  9. notapro
    06-21-2013 12:06 AM
    Oh boy, I've heard of that one...

    The one, and only one movie that you absolutely must see is The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, & Her Lover. I can't recommend anything else until you've seen that one.
  10. Jukeshoe
    06-20-2013 08:44 PM
    One other crazy-ass movie you might be interested in is Pootie Tang.

    The first five minutes or so are among the best cinema I've ever seen....the rest of the movie?

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