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  1. tallpaul
    02-08-2014 01:16 PM
    Just a bit of interesting info for you. The thread regarding mistakes, created by Juke, was primarily in reference to a course he and another were in the process of completing. Guess what, the "other" will be one of your guests coming up; end of March.
  2. tallpaul
    12-25-2012 11:16 PM
    You're very welcome; thanks again for you hospitality and sending back the firechicken. I don't remember if we have each other's emails? If so, shoot me and email and I'll pass along some intriging info to you. If not, shoot me yours in a PM.
  3. InnocentCrook
    12-20-2012 09:32 PM
    Hey Paul! Thanks for the aviar. It was a nice unexpected surprise when I got home from work. Happy Holidays!
  4. InnocentCrook
    10-10-2012 10:50 PM
    I was able to get that Firebird down with one toss of the lacrosse ball I carry in my bag. PM me your address and I'll ship it back to you.
  5. InnocentCrook
    10-10-2012 03:02 PM
    Sorry I was able to join you for your rounds at Idlewild and Banklick. Hope you had a great time and got home safely.

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