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Polite discussion on various techniques, materials, and designs. Warm tea and "kuggies" are always on for fellow "knit wits."
21 230 149,590 103
Group for DGers that enjoy the subtleties of throwing putters and slow discs that resemble to lids of old. We know these discs aren't just for "n00bs"
24 6 100 6
01:47 PM
Players from the northeast ohio area
12 2 5 0
03:04 PM
What is the Ultimate Reality? Is there a God or not? What about the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Join us for lively yet cordial discussions about faith, doubt, spirituality, God, atheism, agnosticism, you name it. This is a place for honest answers to honest questions. *Note carefully: All posts must be respectful and civil. If they are not they will be deleted without warning or explanation, and you may be banned from the group.
54 35 986 1
02:12 PM
A group for those nerds among us :D. Whatever your poison whether it is Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, D&D, MMORPS's, Video Games, Comic Books etc feel free to join.
51 9 101 0
02:03 PM
Where 4 long time friends discuss disc golf, planning trips to play disc golf, and anything else.
5 1 8,810 57
01:22 PM
WWW.SINTEXDGC.COM "Dedicated to playing and improving disc golf in the central Texas area." 7/27 WELLS BRANCH 8:30AM Member Acepot $330 + Daily
71 438 3,482 29
04:30 PM
For disc golfers from North Carolina
110 12 91 5
11:01 AM
This group is for those of us who use (or are interested in) NutSac Disc Golf Bags
1 0 0 0
Another group for Chattanooga Disc Golf Players
2 0 0 0
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