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For disc golfers who love chocolate and for chocolate lovers who throw discs. Throwing chocolate, eating discs, or throwing chocolate discs are also allowed.
30 6 16 0
01:03 PM
People who live North of Dallas or anywhere in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metro Plex for that matter can join this group to talk about courses or meet up with a other players in the area.
31 2 5 0
09:58 PM
For Aussies who live and play at home...down under!
4 0 0 0
DGCR users who are based in Canada
23 0 0 0
Coach Doug Trantham started this club at my son's school in 2010 as it is his first year as the athletic director there. It has definitely helped in getting more kids introduced to the sport & several have played in local tournaments.
1 4 5 4
09:53 AM
Disc Golf Club at Michigan State University. Open to everyone
1 0 0 0
Have a Ford Mustang? Have questions about your Mustang? Sign up, 'Stangers!
4 1 4 0
02:14 PM
all players who have played the dgc in kensington mighigan, wheather it be the old cours or the new one join here. . .
12 1 2 0
01:03 PM
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2 0 0 0
<heavy guitar riff> A ragtag band of frolfers who have united to expose the insidious enemy that is impaling our innocent plastic. Our motto: Down with sharp pokey tree limb nubs@#!!! Some call us outlaws or heroes, but we like to think of ourselves as ordinary frolfers
3 2 3 1
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