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For followers of Jesus who like to play disc golf. People who are spiritually thirsty and seeking God are also welcome, but all discussions must be cordial. This group is designed to be a safe place to share personal information and prayer requests, therefore anything written here is not to be taken outside of this group. Any content here is not to be shared elsewhere through email, other group discussions, PM, text, or any other means unless permission is given by the author. Anyone who does so will have their membership immediately cancelled and a swarm of fire ants will be sent to crawl up your legs.
271 59 554 5
Disc Golfers from the Saint Louis area who want to play... That is all
8 1 3 5
06:49 PM
For disc golfers from North Carolina
112 12 91 5
12:01 PM
Recreational player's out of central, Massachusetts, with a few years experience , few friends playing for fun, catching a buzz and trying to smoke the chains of the baskets while doing crazy **** in the meantime
4 0 0 4
For anyone who thinks Discraft's Nuke is one of the best discs made!
2 3 9 4
01:10 PM
A social group for Disc Golfers from Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. This group is for players of all skill levels, ranging from the first time player to the seasoned pro. This group will provide contact between players in the region as well as provide updates on upcoming events.
55 10 136 4
03:45 PM
Coach Doug Trantham started this club at my son's school in 2010 as it is his first year as the athletic director there. It has definitely helped in getting more kids introduced to the sport & several have played in local tournaments.
1 4 5 4
10:53 AM
For those that are fans of Spitfire's amazing minis; both wood and resin.
19 3 15 4
07:12 PM
To all those avid disc golfers in and around the Austin area, this is the place to plan your weekend sessions and mingle with other like-minded individuals. C'mon guys, let's show everyone else how we do things here in the ATX!
9 3 4 4
10:19 PM
For all disc throwers who want to see themselves get better, no matter the skill level.
12 2 6 4
01:00 AM
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