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not a real disc golf club
5 11 108 14
01:58 AM
Group for DGers that enjoy the subtleties of throwing putters and slow discs that resemble to lids of old. We know these discs aren't just for "n00bs"
30 6 102 7
01:33 PM
A group for those nerds among us :D. Whatever your poison whether it is Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, D&D, MMORPS's, Video Games, Comic Books etc feel free to join.
51 9 102 0
07:35 PM
once you have 100 Positive iTrader you can join this group. New members get a free disc
49 3 101 3
This group discusses their likes and (maybe) dislikes with Gateway Disc Sport products out of St. Louis, MO. If you are unfamiliar with Gateway discs, then check 'em out at www.gatewaydiscsunlimited.com
33 14 100 1
02:53 AM
For DGers in the mitten and also the Yoopers. Plan get togethers, talk about courses, or just talk in general.
158 13 95 0
02:09 AM
Trading Disc Golf videos because we are a little too old for baseball cards, but not too old to play with a frisbee!
9 7 91 0
For disc golfers from North Carolina
110 12 91 5
11:01 AM
The DGCR group for Florida Disc Golf Players! There is always a need for a good place to meet each other and talk trash about each other and their respective courses. Join up if you want to and lets try to get some friendly games organized. Please, you need to be at least 18 if you actually want to meet up and play. I do not want to be on dateline. If you have anything you would like to promote please let me know and I'll post it. *** I just moved so if you think you would like to take this group over feel free to pm me.
61 19 88 3
06:26 AM
Talk about the courses you're playing: Complain, compliment, critique, give tips, hints, rave and flame.
3 58 85 0
06:10 PM
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