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  1. harr0140
    07-01-2010 12:59 AM
    No problem, its apparently so old of an invite I dont even know what I invited you to!
  2. harr0140
    06-12-2010 01:55 AM
    golf in the AM on saturday and my birthday party on saturday . . . undecided about sunday but I should get out and play somewhere!!! I just sent you a facebook invite, if you want to stop by send me a message and Ill get you directions and address. We will be starting around 3 with brats burgers, hot dogs and chicken breasts and all the beverages you can handle. Bring something to share with everyone and you will be allowed in!
  3. harr0140
    12-22-2009 08:40 PM
    Hey man, sorry I had to leave right away after we finished yesterday. I figured you would have caught up to us, because we were playing doubles and kinda slow. Anyways, I will be in town for another 5 days if you want to head out and play a round in the next few days let me know. I have to get some Christmas shopping done but I would play at least 1 round every day . . . especially since I stayed home today to get all of my work done. Let me know.
  4. harr0140
    11-16-2009 07:28 PM
    The golf course part of the dretzka course will not go in until the golf course shuts down so I am sure they never give a date on that until it happens because the county has to make money on the golf before they allow the disc golf to open.
  5. harr0140
    11-16-2009 07:27 PM
    P.S. Parkside has 11 of the 12 baskets in now and I am planning on hitting it this weekend. I am also going to Silver Lake with Terry to walk a course he is designing right now at Fox River park I think it is called. I played the older 9 holes this spring, but I think there are 18 more awesome holes going in into a seperate section of the course. It is darn near IL but if I ever hit up parkside I wouldnt mind a further drive south to hit this course if it lives up to what Terry is saying about it. I am hoping to get some insight from Terry about design/installation and hopefully I can make a good connection and possibly be his go to guy for course installation someday. I also love the design process and think i could add some valuable input, so step #1 of my master plan is in effect. I will let you know how it goes and let you know what the course is like after we go down there sometime next week.
  6. harr0140
    11-16-2009 07:26 PM
    I was there today and the original 18 is still setup, but the 9 baskets on the east side of the road (the summer alternate 9) have been removed and were being put in. I saw Mark dropping off some of the teemats on some of the holes. It looks like at the very least 1-5 were in, but I did not see 6, 7, 8, 9 but I didnt look that closely either because I wasnt planning on playing it.
  7. harr0140
    11-10-2009 12:38 AM
    Ive already analyzed it and I would have to hit some majorly popular courses to hit diamond status. There are 5 other people ahead of me. I am not sure if I am ahead of you right now or Olorin but a week ago we were all within just a few votes right around 500.
    The leader had 893 votes already and is pretty well travelled. Thevalkyrie Kid.

    There are also these #'s Innovadude 649, ericj 683, dgtourist 651, donovan 676.

    I do not think it is gonna happen.

    Nice to hear about baraboo . . . I played that on my way to MN this summer. I enjoyed it but those rubber pads had some serious issues! Also i had heard about whitewater and will have to hit that up sometime next year to see the new holes.

    Parkside is open all winter I believe. I might make a weekly trip down there to play all of them each day. I will go to Dretzka everyday I am here that isnt horribly nasty.
  8. harr0140
    11-09-2009 07:31 PM
    Just thought I would let you know that Parkside has the 18 hole course and now a 21 hole course on the other side of the road. What was the additional 9 this spring has had 12 holes added to it already. You may want to cut and paste your review of the east 9 so you can add it to your review down the road. I am going to wait for sure but I just saw a post that some of the baskets will be assembled and installed in the next week or so. The sleeves were put in this weekend. I am gonna head down there next weekend possibly or the weekend after and do what measuring I can unless I see that there are already signs, but I assume there will be no signs until they get some more money and finalize the design. There is always some tweaking when a course is freshly done I assume. Just thought I would give you a heads up about the course and that I will take care of adding the new course to the site. Later
  9. harr0140
    11-09-2009 07:31 PM
    I know you are jealous. I am so hooked can you tell. I should be at about 150 courses by spring. That is almost ridiculous, but I dont even care I am having fun doing it. I am gettng way better too. I have gotten some of my discs beat in real nice that the hyzer flip is becoming possible with some of my drivers (valk and beast). My Destroyer is beat a bit too and I can throw that thing a mile now.
  10. harr0140
    11-09-2009 07:29 PM
    Hey . . . I got your text about Elver. I went to Appleton and hit 6 more courses. Plamann, Grignon, school course in Kaukana and one in Kimberly and Ohauser in Menasha. I was supposed to play with tallpaul but he had to work so his buddy steve came out and met me for the day anyways. I had an awesome time and theose were some quality courses . . . even the school courses were sortof fun. I am looking forward to my winter trip to florida because I may be able to hit as many as 25 courses. I am going to Branson MO for a week, and can hit like 8 in that area. Then our drive from MO to fort myers I plan on hitting 5 or 6 on the way. There are at least 20 between Fort Myers and St. Pete where we are spending a night or two so I hope to hit a handful of those. Then we head north through North Carolina to see some friends and family and I hope to hit one of those very highly rated NC courses at the very minimum and maybe some others.

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