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DESTRO 08-12-2011 05:39 PM

Latitude w/ Attitude: Post Pics of Your Sexy Swedish Discs!
let's keep this thread rockin' with the good stuff! no need for discussion here about flight, fade, etc; we want the pics and nuthin' but!

double vision:

angelic havocs:

hades halos:

Rol6566 08-12-2011 05:48 PM

Black GL Collection

DESTRO 08-12-2011 05:56 PM

sweet. now we're talkin'! :thmbup:

Rol6566 08-12-2011 05:57 PM

I wish I could get better pics

DESTRO 08-12-2011 06:03 PM


Originally Posted by Rol6566 (Post 956751)
I wish I could get better pics

post 'em anyway!

Rol6566 08-12-2011 06:24 PM

I did. I'll get some more pics tonight of my other lat discs

Todd Wiley 08-12-2011 07:00 PM

Striker , currently have a second Striker getting some dye work too...

jrawk 08-13-2011 08:07 AM

Quicksilver Flow

the_matt_peters 08-13-2011 08:16 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Havoc :)

SkyDog 08-13-2011 10:53 AM

Pardon my ignorance, but are those discs textured?

Just getting back into DG after a lengthy layoff and I am not familiar with Latitude 64 as a company or its products. Looking at their website, they seem to have adopted the same flight rating profiles of Innova (or maybe they created the system and Innova followed, not sure) and was wondering if they are an Innova "friendly" company like Milenium or do they do their own molds and production?

Tried a search and this was the only thread that popped up in the equipment section under "Latitude 64".

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