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Releases and timelines just get shuffled around, that's all. For instance, we weren't sure if the Volt would come out in Proton or Neutron, only that it would come out before the Amp. So before I made a stamp for the Neutron line, I made a stamp for a Proton Volt, which will chill till they need it. What ended up happening was the full Neutron line being fleshed out with the original machines, and the Volt and Amp held for the newer machine.

Nov '11 view: looking at 2 drivers, Anode, N line, and website in 2012
June '12 view: Volt next release, in either P or N
July '12 view: hold the Volt for the 5th N, flesh out the N lineup
Nov '12 view: slip the N'Amp before Xmas!
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