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Currently it's this:

Pro D Magnet (Soft), Wizard (Eraser), Warlock SSS, DX Aviar

Z Buzzz, Champion Panther, DX Wolf

Pro D Surge, Z Nuke SS, DX Beast, Champion Groove, Sidewinder DX

May be morphing into this:

(slashes indicate 1 of that group will win out)
Sidewinder, Flick

Fairway Driver:
Teebird, Leopard

Comet / Wolf / Panther
Cro / Gator

Magnet, Warlock, Wizard

And still considering:
DX/Champ Firebird (OH/FH), Gold Flying Squirrel, DX Wedge, Neutron Ion, Neutron Anode

Add in the Aviar that is my daughters putter and yes that's a lot of putting molds, but while I've played for a year, my experience is pretty limited and I'm still feeling out what is my preferred putting style, so more discs and vary methods and see what shakes out.
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