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Obscure Millennium questions are our specialty

Originally Posted by jrawk View Post
are the 2006 worlds biggest 1.1 solf's the flat zipper topped variety?
I can confirm that they are. 2006 for sure, and I'm inclined to think 2007 as well, since it was an early Spring stamping run, and the earliest 1.2s I recall were more late Summer/Fall 2007. ZJ is correct about the SOF/QOF and SOLF/QOLF markings -- 1.1s have 3 letters, 1.2s have 4 letters.

We were just talking about the mold config -- I've not seen the original original Teerex top, as they were apparently made in such small numbers. He owns one and will bring it in soon.

The source for the Wraith+Firebird configuration "factoid" is directly from me, several years ago while I was Marketing Guy at Millennium. I trust ZJ's eye for mold parts and I don't doubt his assessment at all, but we're still gonna check out this Teerex together. I'm curious about its similarity to the Wraith top and won't be surprised to find I was wrong years ago

The first shoulda-been-2.1 configuration of the OLF came out in light weights of the 1.2 MOLF, and by 1.3 MOLF I think all weights were using it. That exact mold config was once tested by the MILL crew as a possible Orion LX. The distinguishing feature is that it has an abrupt flat-shelf-shoulder top, like you see in modern Teerex and Xcal. I always assumed it was the modern Teerex top for the 2.1 mold.

Honestly I haven't seen a new-production SOLF in a long time so I'm sticking to my recollections from 2006-2008 when I was at MILL.

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