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Originally Posted by SirRaph View Post
If anyone plays with Beato, maybe you can tell us if that's the way he putts or not. I think that that super jerky version of that putt is mostly for educational purposes, and that you should probably aim to have a more fluid follow-through.
In that video he's just illustrating what the "finger spring" and short arm putting techniques look like. Doing it without a follow through like that makes it easier to feel but adding a follow through will help with power and consistency. He did the video becasue it's a difficult thing to try to visualize if you haven't actually seen it.

It looks silly, but I suggest trying it out if you haven't. Once you get that spring you'll find that it's really easy to get a super consistent line. All you have to do is line yourself up right and get that spring and you won't miss left or right.
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