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Originally Posted by Dave242 View Post
It looks like you are designing (have designed) a tweener hole there since for each level the approach shot (the drive in Red's case) mostly lands 50-80' short of the target. Am I missing something?

BTW, I love the charts and pictures you come up with! Is the one here projected scatter or actual?
You look at enough of these to get a feel for it? Remember, this hols is about 3 times the size of normal holes.

Actually, the picture might have been sloppy - I wasn't real careful with it, as I have two other courses I need to do work for today, besides this one. (This is what I do on my coffee breaks.) I just wanted to show that a lot of shots will not be on the golf fairway (which no one would otherwise believe). The scatters are from my throw simulator, available here. Try it yourself, and see if my picture is wrong. I may have used an old version which could have mixed some higher rated players in with the Reds. That wouldn't do much to the accuracy, just the spread of distances.

I think the actual holes are OK.

Looking at the numbers within the model, the distances for the approach shots (3rd for Gold and Blue, 2nd for Red) for the middle two-thirds of players should be

Gold= 60 to 203,
Blue= 45 to 153,
Red= 124 to 218.

And the average scores (per Chuck Kennedy's Hole Forecaster) should be
Gold= 4.67
Blue= 4.60
Red= 4.14
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I get the part about the spray being pretty wide left and right along the intended/ideal flight path - especially on a full power throw. That does get you into the trees a bunch. One of the big problems here and that I had when "designing" my hole for this is that from an aerial map it is really hard to see what the disc sees and what the player sees from various lies.

I am not sure if your picture is sloppy since you say your model saying the approach shot for Gold averaging ~130' and for Blue averaging ~100'......that is also saying "tweener holes". Shouldn't the approach be more in the range of 70-80% of a full power throw for the average thrower of that skill level?
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My problem is that the spray pattern involves discs landing in another ball golf hole's fairway. If the pin were up by the shed or the pin were angled to support a hyzer line there wouldn't be those errant discs hitting unsuspecting people in the face.
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I think the spray pattern is just a mathematically generated plot of dots that is then overlaid on the aerial image. Those big trees would block those errant shots keeping the other fairway safe.

Plus, the model has a straight line from tee to basket, but in actuality the Blue & Gold would throw more towards the left and the scatter therefore would be more centered on the fairway.

image reposted for ease of viewing
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Originally Posted by Stud Muffin View Post

Try not to lose it short or to the right.
Originally Posted by Steve West View Post
Well, I hope everyone had fun doing that. Thanks for the ideas.

I met with the client and here is the final result:

It turns out we didn't need to sacrifice the existing 900-foot hole. However, we did move the tees in toward the middle of the fairway. The reason is to channel the disc golfers so they play more in line with the golfers, rather than popping in and out of the woods. This makes it easier for the golfers to know when it is safe to (try to) hit the ball.

OK, we didn't get to shape the tee throw like many wanted. However, look at the spray patterns for 1000, 950, and 850-rated players. As you can see, they will have trees to deal with often enough on the second and third throws.

A side effect is that the Gold tee is about 20 feet lower now. The Gold tee throw is an uphill shot, which will shorten and scatter the throws even more than shown here.
Thanks for making my plan the WINNER!
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