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Threw my Archon on this course in Rocklin CA. Landed in a small creek on the third hole. But in this one spot it widens into a small pond, Small but DEEP. So I finished the round and then went back to see if I could find it. Ended up taken off my pants and getting wet feeling around with my feet.

Pulled out a 11x Firebird that was someones ace disc with a ton of signatures, A Champ Boss, Crystal clear with a great tye dye and max weight. Another Champ Boss with tye dye max weight, and a 1st run Nuke.

All had names and numbers,. I was able to return all three discs to extremely grateful people, (The guy with the Firebird gave me $20) But never found the Archon. The group I was playing with thought I was nuts for not keeping them. Im a big believer in Karma and it sure was nice to make someones day.
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Nice one on you man for returning all those discs. Hope you get the same karma for your disc! BTW what's the policy on lost discs with no ink? I found a echo star dart today with no ink. What do I do with it?

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Had a rare day off, so I thought I'd try out a local course yesterday. It shares space with a ball golf course that I've played many times. Discovered that when you lose a $2 golf ball, you might curse, but then you pull out an identical ball and whack away. When you shank a drive with your favorite driver, a Goldline Flow in my case, and watch it sail over the fence out into the brambles, you get a little upset. There was a homeless guy wandering around the area outside the fence. I asked if he'd seen it but I don't think he spoke English. It has my name/number so maybe it'll come back someday.

Small consolation when I thought I'd lost my DX Valkerie too. I misjudged how much it would fade out right. It just kept fading away then tipped up to flat and flew forever. After wandering around a bit, I found it perched on some bushes going up a hillside luckily.

Another local course helps out by collecting found discs in their pro-shop. They call (if there's a number), but also post pics online so you can see if your disc gets found. They charge you a $1 because they give a $1 to anyone who brings in found discs. It's a pretty cool policy in my opinion.
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Lost a nice dyed z comet. (the one in my avatar) Strangely enough, this is the second time it has been lost on the same course but this time on hole 9 instead of hole 8 at Portland Park. Found a Pink Beast though and getting that one back to its owner Friday.

C'mon Karma!
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shot my drone at the last hole two days ago. it layed up on the pole under the basket. my buddy cleaned it up for me, passed it back to me... somehow its not in my bag when i go to throw today. its not in any of our cars. i have no idea where it got off to. grew legs and walked off.
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i found a disc the other day at my schools campus in southfield mi, i called the guy and he is from battle creek mi, almost 2hrs away, and says he has never even come to play on this side of the state... when i told him what type of disc it was he told me he lost the disc over a year ago... so someone didnt follow karma and has been throwing it... so true to karma they lost it and i am shipping the disc to original owner today!!
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Default Lost my first ace disc

My first ace disc was lost this past summer. It was a first run pink star destroyer all beat to hell.. or should I say, perfectly beat to hell.

Hole 13 @ F. Burton Smith in Cocoa, FL. Somewhat narrow fairway consisting of a park service road with thick foliage on both sides. The fairway has a cabbage palm on the left side of the fairway about halfway down and then another small clump of cabbage palms and brazilian pepper trees a little further down. Basket was in the right side placement which has an area that opens up a bit.

My disc had a nice line down the left side of the fairway and it passed the first cabbage palm to the left side of it and kept going but we never saw it fade right like back across the fairway like it should have. Never heard a noise, never found it in any of the cabbage palms or bushes.. I went back and searched until I ran out of daylight. I came back 2 more times that week to search some more.. Never found it. It pisses me off just thinking about it.

It was inked with my name and of course my ace from hole 4 @ tuskawilla park in Daytona. I have a $50 cash reward out for it.. so far no call. :-(

I was even following my golden rule of never throwing a favorite disc on a risky hole.. Just never occurred to me that I needed to respect hole 13 a little more because apparently you CAN lose one on that hole. *sigh
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lost my $$$ PD in the leaves on the first hole of the second round at a tourney i played on sunday. got it back after the round - the guy who found it was someone i had made several trades with on discaroo but had never met. thanks kerry!
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got a call today while i was at the park, and a dude found my drone - and brought it back to me while i was playing... apparently i tossed it at the basket near the practice basket, and left it there to get rained on two days ago. yay!
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Lost my Glow Gazelle with a turtle kokepelli dye on it, no clue where it went just not there anymore. I think it might have fallen out of my trunk when I was changing up my bag? I'd rather not consider the other alternatives because I know from the last time I saw it that it wasn't lost on the course.
Problem is I almost never use that disc on my home course, but when I play pretty much any other course I use it on about half my drives.
I'm really feeling this one extra because I play in one of my first tournaments this weekend and I used this disc on 8 holes on the course I'll be playing (and all my real birdy chances), so frustrating, if it wasn't a doubles tournament I would probably back out.
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