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Originally Posted by joshmo65 View Post
The whole logic that playing up so that you play with better players is complete bull. If you use this logic, a lot of people would be playing up. You may be lucky to get one or two good players on your first card. But then guess what? Any round after, you will be paired with people that are just as bad as you are and wont be watching any spectacular golf.

Why not have everyone play in the correct division where you can play with people at the same skill level and actually get paid in one or two tournaments. Its the people moving up when they shouldn't be that causes the whole "problem" of "bagging" and it annoys me that people can't follow some simple guidelines on what division to play.


Thanks for the post, I usually post something close to identical each thread like this. If you WANT to play up feel free. If you want to be competitive (and isnt that the point of a tournament) than play your division according to your rating. If everyone did it than there would be no issues.
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There is a novice division? I didnt even know that there was a division below rec. Ive never seen it offered at tourneys in NC
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Originally Posted by gcr_russell View Post
Thanks for the post, I usually post something close to identical each thread like this. If you WANT to play up feel free. If you want to be competitive (and isnt that the point of a tournament) than play your division according to your rating. If everyone did it than there would be no issues.
Thats the reason our rating system "has issues" or doesnt work. People wont play using the system, so it cant be fully effective. IMHO

Thats like lowering the speed limit due to wrecks, but not enforcing the new speed limit.
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Originally Posted by BraveThrower43 View Post
I got my first win in rec a few weekends ago. I had played two tournaments before that and done horribly and came out with an 817 rating

But the last two tournaments I played like I knew I could and shot around 900 to win the first one by 8ish strokes and I would have lead Int for the tourney. I was consistantly called a bagger the whole weekend even though I had the lowest rating in the field. Then at the frozen finale I played what I thought was bad golf and ended up losing by a stroke. Ive been thinking about moving up for smaller tourneys and staying in my rated division for A tiers and such(CAC, and Bowling Green). Think its a good plan?
Congrats! My first official rating was 809, so I had a rough start as well.

That sounds good. I know several people who'll play up for tournaments on home/familiar courses or if there's low turnout.
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Originally Posted by Smcneil View Post
I was told that if I want to get better, that I should move up. If I play with and against better people than I will only get better. I have a goal to play the am worlds in 5 years. I was in 3rd of 22 for the first 3 rounds and 1st and 2nd fell apart.
I started playing dg in April of 2010, played myfirst tourny July 2010. I won it, played one more intermediate and placed well, so moved up to advanced. Won my first and second advanced tourny in playoffs and have been consistently placing top 5 so Im now playing pro. I don't fill like Im that much better than I was a year ago, I just don't make as many dumb shots. Watching the better players and taking there advice its what helped me improve so fast.
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I have been playing with a few pro's for the last 3 of months, since this post and I have been competing with them and shooting great rounds. They all told me I have what it takes to compete and do well in advanced. The only issue will be turning of my brain and playing my game. I play with one pro who throws 600' and it is humbling but if I throw 400' and still get my par then I don't feel so bad. The mutant players out there can sometimes be intimidating.
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To win in my divison you have to average around 930 to win. I'm at 877 and will palce every once in awhile. My putting is so bad if I keep putting the way I am I can play MA4 next year.
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