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Originally Posted by grodney View Post
Geez, not sure how Ann Arbor fell off my radar. They are in the upper crust.

There are 7 areas that have 4 or more courses with a 4.00+ rating (on 5+ reviews) within 25 miles:
1. Dallas and Ann Arbor (5 courses each)
3. Austin, Portland, Charlotte, Philly, Denver (4 each)
All of these have at least 25 total courses within 25 miles.

If you want to lower your standards, there are 10 areas that have 5 or more courses with a 3.75+ rating (on 5+ reviews) within 25 miles:
1. Dallas (10 courses)
2. Austin and Ann Arbor (7 each)
4. Portland and Minneapolis (6 each)
6. Charlotte, Philly, Augusta, Highbridge, Kansas City (5 each)
Each of these has at least 22 total courses within 25 miles, except Highbridge (10) and Augusta (12).
Well it looks like Dallas has it on both Fronts!
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I coulda told you that! Too bad Selah is too far away to be included.

Here's a stat for you: Talco, TX - 2 courses with 5.0 rating!
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I'd vote for Dallas and KC. Just because I know about their disc golf scene a little. Best town for disc golf under 35,000 people? Emporia!
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Why is this thread in Course Design?
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So far for me it's conifer, co. This summer I'm going to try out pine.
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Flip City in Shelby MI. Disc Golf Heaven
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des moines iowa
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Dallas. Represent.
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Narrowing it down to "city" gets interesting...

My favorite "cities" to play in have been DFW and Charlotte for the sheer number of great courses in each. I, however, am definitely withholding my vote because I haven't played in Michigan yet...and they have a ridiculous number of courses in the Detroit metropolitan area...I mean good god.
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i havent played a lot mentioned except ann arbor.

grand rapids, mi has 6 pretty good courses within 25 miles. then 1 hour away is ludington: flip city, leviathan, mason complex, saugatuck, and a few more good courses.
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