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A friend of mine stepped up to the teepad. Just as he's about to throw we hear chains somewhere on the course followed by, "Yeaah!! I'm a f***ing athalete!" Nothing about disc golf screams 'athlete' as far as I can tell.
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Last year during the Madisonville Open I was watching a group in advanced tee off. On hole 8 one guy was 2/3 through his x-step when a bass jumps out of the water a few feet in front of the pad. Luckily he pulled his throw just in time, haha.
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right as I was stepping up to hole ten at milo, my friend's friend's dog walked in front of me and barfed on the teepad...
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One of my buddies was mid reach back and I, thanks to 2 fiber bars on the way to the course, ripped a massive, echoing sheet-rip. He died laughing and shanked the crap out of the throw.
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Not funny, but jaw-dropping:

Having a Larry Flynt-looking guy in a wheelchair photographing a nude model on hole four at Highbridge (probably not the Highbridge you're thinking of). It was the middle of a summer day and the course was packed, so it's become something of a local folk story.
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Not quite what you asked, but I had a friend tee off on a whole that ran parallel to some train tracks just as a train started passing by. The train tracks were at least 200 feet to the left but he still managed to shank it so bad that it sailed right into the side of one of the train cars as it passed. I tried to be sympathetic saying, "that sucks, dude," before I stepped to tee. Right as I was going into my x-step..for whatever reason it struck me...HE JUST HIT A MOVING TRAIN DURING A ROUND OF DISC GOLF!!! I snorted as a burst out with a laugh mid-throw and shanked my throw in the opposite direction (I throw lefty).

It still kills me...how many people have you seen hit a moving train during a frolf round?!?!
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My wife was following me around the park while I played last week. The second I get to my reachback she says, "Are those ducks having sex?" I die...launch my disc into the tree in front of me...and sure enough...the ducks are getting it on like donkey kong...rather intense mating ritual those ducks have...
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Not on the tee pad but the same idea. At local league my card was standing around the putting circle waiting for "Mr. over kill putt" to slam the chains on an important putt. He winds up and the chains EXPLODE. I thought wow I have never seen him putt that powerfully before. Then I noticed he was still holding his putter. Most distracting black ace ever. He missed the putt afterwords.
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Which Highbridge?
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If we're having a crappy round, we usually just start yelling BALLS during a throw. Drives = 100ft straight right when we do that. Or sometimes you save up a good fart and let that fly
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