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Default Clearwater Disc hates cyclists?

Apparently their response to this was the bike swerved in front of them to make them look bad...

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This topic has already been landfilled.

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woohoo! in b4 the...
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In which this thread...
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That awkward moment when
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i'd bitch them out too, i got hit by a car when i was riding my bike.. i was 8. i was going along and the next thing i knew i was laying in the ditch and my back hurt. i think the mirror of whatever vehicle hit me, whoever it was didn't stop. for the love of treesus slow down and wait for a good opening to pass people on bikes, nothing in life is worth being in so much of a hurry that you might hit and kill somebody and ruin a bunch of lives including yours in the process.
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Well, if they didn't before ...

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Funny this came up again (ok, really, no it isn't...).

Driving to my practice field tonight, there were lots of cyclists out. Two were coming head on, riding two abreast, with a big old white Suburban behind them. The 'burban started to pass, saw that I was coming, and slowed down to drop back in behind the cyclists until I/we had passed each other. There was actually plenty of time for him to pass the cyclists without endangering us all, but he chose courtesy...probably cost him 12 seconds of his time. Made me think of the Clearwater Debacle right away. lol

THAT is how it's supposed to work. Nice when people treat each other like humans.
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