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I'm with the people saying to throw what feels right, not what people on here say. It's always good to take advice on the course because you can see what discs do and maybe try them (that's how I discovered the Leopard and Buzzz), but on here you just get a bunch of people who are opinionated and will disown you if you don't throw their favorite disc. "What do you MEAN you'd throw a Monster over a Firebird?! Nobody throws Monsters!"

In answer to the actual question though:

I'm still creating my bag. I bought all sorts of discs when I first started because I had too much money and I'm gullible, but most of those just sit on a shelf or in the bag and only come out occasionally because I feel the need to throw them and can't bring myself to sell them. I've finally found the discs that work for me in each situation, so now I just need to get the same ones in different states of wear and weights:

Putts: Ion.
Mids: Buzzz.
Drives where I need to keep it low backhand: Avenger SS or TL.
Drives where I have a higher ceiling backhand: Surge SS.
Drives where I need a big right turning S curve backhand: Leopard.
Uphill shots or longer right turning fairways: Firebird (sidearm).
Right turning fairways where I don't need as much distance: Monster. I realize that the Monster is faster than the 'Bird, but mine is a max weight I bought as my first driver (stupid investment at the time), so I don't get it as far as my Firebird.
Very short, hard left turning drives with a high ceiling: Gazelle.
Thumbers: It depends on how far I need it to go. I typically throw the Firebird for this, but have been known to thumb a Buzzz for short upshots that require it.
Rollers: This is a work in progress, but... Sidewinder. At least when I sidearm it it flips and comes down into a roll nearly every time.

I don't have a very big arm, but I've been increasing my distance lately and have found that some of my faster discs will do what they're supposed to in a field. So I might add the Nuke back on for drives with hard lefts at the end, and I have discs like Valkyries and Beasts that occasionally hit that perfect line and work their way back into the rotation.
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I Have 2-3 of each mold I throw which are all in different stages of wear and stablity.

Putter(rhyno) New Pro, Slightly beat pro, Beat up pro
Mid(buzz) Crystal, beat crystal, beat X
Fairway(eagle) Champ, beat CE, Beat DX


Then I add utility shots in my bag which sometimes overlap
3 discs for thumbers(Firebird, banshee, buzz)
2 fh roller (Zone, Max)
FH upshot(zone, wizard)
BH upshot and putting(wizard)

I will use the same 4-5 discs for most of the round but the others are there for specific occasions.
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This is all very interesting. It seems mixed between my approach and the "situational" approach.

The situational approach is what I personally see most people go with in the real world. "when I need a disc that does ______ , I throw my _______ ." I think that is because people get an emotional attachment to certain discs doing certain things based on a couple key shots. I have a buddy who throws a certain disc on one hole even though it is totally wrong because he aced it one time doing it. Never mind the hundreds of times it failed.

For me when I step up to the box, I'm thinking "ok, it is 300' of carry, I want to cut right to left, vector goes 320', Ion goes 280', power down the vector." Not "my super beefy wraith one time hyzer spike aced a similar hole so that's what I'm going with here."
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I move discs around and swap things out from time to time, but I have my main discs that I keep. I will list them here. Maybe I will learn what I am missing or need in the process.

Distance Drivers
175 Glow Destroyer - Primarily use it as a RHFH driver that I don't want to fade too much, but also use it for the occasional 300' hyzer.
169 Augusta Champion Wraith - I use this for two things. RHFH distance S-Curves and RHFH lazers. I can put it on a really low line and it will go a little left and finish right with a nice skip.
155 Blizzard Boss - RHBH hyzers that I want to finish hard left and/or skip.
150 Blizzard Katana - RHBH distance. I will throw it on an anny, straight or on a hyzer. This is definitely my goto driver lately. I've been getting crushing it. I will use it on anything 280 and up. The shorter holes, I mainly use throw control hyzers... longer holes, work the S-Curve.
157 Blizzard Katana - I will use this when there is a light headwind or if I want something to finish harder left than with the 150 Katana.
175 JK Valk - I like this for tighter distance shots. I feel like I can control it better than the Katanas.
175 CE Firebird- Sidearm and thumbers.
Fairway Drivers
175 Echo TeeBird - Use it primarily for my straighter, tighter, headwind 275-300' shots.
175 CE QJLS - I like this disc because it will hold a line. It's pretty good in any situation in that 250'-300' range. I also use this for the occasional 200' precision sidearm.
175 CE Leopard - It's stable for a Leopard. I don't use it as much as I'd like to, but when I do use it, it's usually in similar straight flying situations as the QJLS, but that I need a little more fade.
171 Polaris LS - Long, smoother turnovers.
Midrange & Approach
172 CFR Gator - Sidearms and backhands that I want to finish hard. Duh, it's a Gator.
180 Sentinel MF - Glidey, backhand hyzers. Similar to the Gator, but doesn't finish as hard.
170 11X KC Roc - It's a Roc. I can (try to) do just about anything with it.
172 CE QMS - Midrange anhyzers, glidey hyzers, straight shots. I love this disc. It is a great, underrated and understated midrange.
175 Champion (CE Zipper) Rhyno - Hard hyzers. Use it as a driving putter on short holes but also as an approach for headwinds. Great to spike with.
170 Pro Rhyno - I use it when I don't want such a hard finish as the Champ.
163 Pro Rhyno - Straight to understable flex shots. This is my only true (non-Cubby, non-practice) Ace disc. It may be unnecessary in my bag, but it is special!
200 DX Condor - Rollers and midrange. I probably don't use it enough for the latter.
175 Glow Magic - I carry three. They are all from a 2008 event called Bobby D Doubles. Mr. Dylan was playing a concert at the adjacent amphitheater. His face is on the disc, and I am a huge Dylan fan. This is why I use Magics.
Red Stamp - One was used as my primary putter for 2 years, but it started to get a little squirrly on me. Keep it now for shorter upshots that I don't want to fade.
Blue Stamp - This is my primary putter now. It still new enough to finish left, but barely. Just trying to beat it in.
Black Stamp - Found it at PIAS recently. It's pretty much brand new and I am using it for longer putts. Just trying to wear it in.

Boom! That's my bag.
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My bag is set up to be used in primarily heavily wooded courses, but is easily adapted to open fields. Each disc has a purpose.

Banger - Pretty much everything 150ft. and in that has to come in straight or from right to left.

Magnet - Push putting on tricky greens

Pig - Headwind approach

Roc - Most drives between 150 - 250ft., particularly recovery shots that need to get some distance from tough spots.

Banshee - Primarily used for forehand approach shots and as a backhand headwind driver.

Striker - Forehand drives

SL - Used for hyzer flip shots on long, wooded fairways.

Valkyrie - My current open space bomber. I prefer the Archon but it's swimming in some much until further notice.

Mamba - Turnover disc and trial replacement for the SL which is getting a bit too beat.
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Originally Posted by New013 View Post
Shot of Crown... Shot of Sailor Jerry
Jerry makes for baaad mornings....
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^^ Fo' sho'.

Originally Posted by welfare_train View Post
One thing I feel I am missing a little is maybe a longer range understable disc as I am now starting to max out my Leopards at about 325'.
You might look into a Westside King.

As for my bag, I sort the mids and putters on one side, drivers (fairway and longer) on the other. The softer Yeti putter goes in the side putter pocket. Otherwise, I don't pay too much attention to the order. They're all different colors so I know which is which, and if they're flopping around in the U-channel dividers, I know I left one behind.

I do try to keep a complement for each disc, basically pairing them between understable to stable by relative distance. Fuse with a pain for example.
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Originally Posted by Rugball View Post
You might look into a Westside King.
That's quite the leap from the Leopard to the King! I would suggest something in the middle like a Valkyrie or SL, but that's just IMHO.
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My bag from left to right:

Left pocket: Money for betting, Snickers bar, chapstick.
Left section: Ion, OS to US midranges
Center section: OS RHFH drivers Most OS to ST
Center Putter pocket: Rhyno
Right Section: ST to US drivers
Drink Holder: Green Tea
Right pocket: Clean Underwear for after I have to go swimming (or, I suppose, if I poop my pants)
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I use the same discs for every round. I dont make a change.. I have everything from a flat top firebird for forehand, short/skip backhand, and thumer.. to a flying squirrel for anyy shots..
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