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Originally Posted by Nick481 View Post
Supposed to on heel. I still haven't got it down yet though.
The reason to pivot on the heal vs toe is so you can drive your hips through the shot before release. If your leaning forward on your toes during pull through you won't be able to rotate around the pivot point as easily with your core, hence accuracy and distance becomes more variable.

I've personally kept my foot flat on plant, landing on toe but not fully putting weight on back heel...seems to be better on my knee and i have better balance on full flat foot vs. just my heel.
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I have been working on that all summer as far a heel pivot. My wife did some videos of us the other day and I am now getting some heel pivot but still have issues with it. You should though no doubt pivot on your heel from what I read and seen.
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It is such a commitment to get the heel pivot working, you really have look at it as life or death. I tried several times to work it into my shot, but just kept reverting back to a ball pivot. I recently had some health issues with my heart. When I started throwing again, I was scared to really crank on it, I started doing the heel pivot to get a more explosive, resistance free turn. Fortunately, it looks like it has stuck this time and I hope to have many years of pain free disc golfing. I am way less tired at the end of a couple rounds now from not having to spend so much energy to get that front foot to turn on the ball. Accuracy and distance are coming back.
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For me it feels natural to pivot on my heel now and it only took me a day. I guess it might be because I am a starter and young compared to most.
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I explained this a while back to someone that was already having knee problems. Here's the post I made about how I was taught to do it. Hope this helps.

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Pivoting on my heel was one of the hardest things to pick up. It really helped my knee out though. Instead of icing my knee down in between rounds I can work on putting for a little bit.
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Pivoting on your heal actually means that your foot hits toe first, and the pivot starts when the heal hits the ground and you will finish your pivot on your toes. That is sort of what I have noticed when I get a shot that feels good. Is that sort of what you have noticed as well?
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It's easy to practice. When I was learning I practiced on the carpet in the living room. I just stood and pushed with my left foot and spun on my heel. No arms or anything, just practice the weight shift and feeling of spinning on the heel. Now it's second nature for me.
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Luckily, the heel pivot came naturally for me. With the heel pivot you will notice a difference on distance and accuracy, its one of the best things to learn in disc golf
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