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Originally Posted by ceteebird999 View Post
Nice to see some upfront honesty, I wish people who reviewed courses would give this kind of disclaimer so we know what level of player its coming from
Thanks. I am by no means a great player, but I can't help but think there are others like me who read what a disc can do, then are disenfranchised by how their ability level translates to it.

My next review will be the Champion Mamba. It is supposed to be big, easy distance. We'll see. Thanks for reading!
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Originally Posted by racer93 View Post
They must be like the c-pds vs the p-and s-pds. Those were some pigs, relatively!

Is your C-FD from the Russian Open?
Yes, it is. I also have a S-FD that was a tester prior to the DGR release. That one is nearly as stable as my C-FD. So my guess would be you might have a chance at running into some S-FDs with high parting lines.

I haven't decided which FD I like best. At first I thought that I would enjoy the C-line more, but it is sooo close to fitting in the role of a beat Teebird or TL that I think that I have gotten more use out of my regular S-line. Actually I aced with it the other week. I guess the only determinant in which one I would choose would be wind.
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It looks just like a domey discraft Stalker to me.
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Originally Posted by atay87 View Post
The River will definitely have more glide due to its larger diameter.
I actually feel like I am missing the glide as the things are finishing with a turn at the mere site of a wind as they fail to resist and cruise like they used to. I just ordered a couple of TD rather than get heavier Rivers as I have heard the heavier ones are not much better when it comes to wind.

I just want to try something new. If these don't fit, I probably will give the TL and XLs a try again or there is the chance I revisit beating in TBs or Eagles for line shaping fairway drivers.
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Originally Posted by Hoss22 View Post
It looks just like a domey discraft Stalker to me.
Way more dome generally, bigger rim, no bead, yup just like it
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I am really liking my S-FD. It is extremely controllable through the woods and seems to hold most straight or line-shaping anny lines that I need. It is much more forgiving (and less touchy) than my beat 11x teebird, but I can throw my teebird further with ease so I still go to it often.
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i didnt like my FD.. it couldn't handle any speed, just flipped like a tit if i gave it any power.

it was a super domey one though...
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Originally Posted by plex View Post
i didnt like my FD.. it couldn't handle any speed, just flipped like a tit if i gave it any power.

it was a super domey one though...
I throw a 170 and a 175 sfd and they both handle full power shots. They both have fairly good sized domes and I can run a 400' basket on a line drive and never worry about them flipping. Both are pretty new so I'm sure that factors in but I can launch them into a headwind off shore acres hole 14 tee (top of a good sized hill) and they only have a slight turn to them.

They kind of remind me of a faster axis. I'm definitely loving them on the longer wooded drives, they have an almost perfect level of neutrality.

But I don't feel like I'm seeing any super glide out of them, maybe a touch more but nothing really mind blowing. I suppose that will change a little as they break in and lose the little fade they have. All in all I'm impressed and they've definitely earned a spot in the bag complimenting my spd's nicely.
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Production C-FDs coming
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I saw that on FB a few minutes ago. Cool. Wonder how they will fly compared to the S-FD?
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