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^ yup i'd go with a valk
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Lightweight helps in addition to understable driver. I mean, it's a wooded tunnel so you don't have to worry about wind. I keep a 155 Champ Leo just for long tunnels like this, rip it on a hyzer flip and pray.
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Or you could use a very stable driver and throw a low full power flex shot. It's just routine really.

After some thoughts, I think hyzer flipping a light Leopard would be a better choice haha!
However, reading what you said earlier, it seems that it's your second shots that is actually giving you problem... Sometimes, when the ceiling is very low and the distance to travel is far (relative to the ceiling's height, say 150+), an understable driver works better. You can start it straight and low and let it skip forward to the basket. It all depends on the ground off course.
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lots of tunnel shots around here that are in the 300+ range.

depending on the height available, i would throw:

lots of height;
beat small bead aviar on a hyzer, flips up and just glides for days with no fade.

medium height;
a beat dx roc that will flip up just a little and go straight with very little fade.

less height;
beat pro leopard on a hyzer, flips up tracks right a bit then usually sits for me.

minimal height;
usually disc up to a worn star roadrunner, hyzer flip that on a lower line and it normally doesnt have enough air under it to fade at all.

you get the gist about throwing understable discs. easier to hit your line and avoid skips and big kicks with overstable/faster discs.

hope that helps.
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Throw a roller.
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I throw a GL Fuse or an Opto Sparkle Fuse if it needs to be a touch more stable. A Core works nice and if I really think I have enough room I have a nice Gl River I can work pretty straight...
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I know a Valkyrie and a Viking isn't exactly a Fairway Driver,but those work best for low ceiling distance shots.

Fairway Shots a Cheetah works really well.

Mid Shots a Buzzz is awesome.

Putter shots Discraft APX is good too.
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Originally Posted by Smigles View Post
Understable driver, lean into the throw, keep it looooooow. You can get within putting distance with a nice hyzerflip that keeps straight most of the flight.
Hyzer flips take a lot of vertical space to work. They work fine for narrow hallways, but not for low ceiling tunnels.

Lean into the throw? I'm completely confused by this.
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I always sidearm a TL. But if sidearm isn't an option, my GL Core or my Aviar-x.
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Before I 'knew' how to throw, I tended to swing my arm wider around my body rather than pull through lawn mower style. Inadvertently, I was able to put a lot of power into understable discs in order to get any distance with a shot that resembled a long, gentle flex. I could pitch a Leopard, Monarch or MRV out there on a line to 250'. I almost can't help but to reach back these days but with much less power and a minor flex release. With enough power and the right release angle, these days a Roc for me can hold that gentle right flex, slowly straightening up. Give yourself a little space for the disc to work from left back to center and I'm confident it'll hold air for 200 feet with your ceiling, grounding out before it has time to fade.
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