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Originally Posted by Dan Ensor View Post
Hyzer flips take a lot of vertical space to work. They work fine for narrow hallways, but not for low ceiling tunnels.
Only if you throw them nose up.
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If the shot calls for control over distance then a mid is where it's at.
Hyzer flip a comet or lazerbeam a buzz at it.
I would throw the buzzz personally unless there was a tailwind then it's comet all day.
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Maybe I'm strange but I find it easier to throw stable to slightly overstable discs on low tunnels.
150-250 FLX Buzzz. 250-350 Opto Strikers. I like to throw my understable discs in the air and let them ride the glide they posses. Not saying that I can't throw them on low ceiling shots, I just prefer not to.
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Also look at ground conditions. If it is dirt or not so tall grass, an intentional skip shot may work very well. You should be able to get an overstable disc to skip hard left (for RHBH) and an understable should fly fairly straight after the skip.
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Originally Posted by Thrake View Post
I looking for advice on how to throw a mid/fairway disc low and completely flat. I have to basket at my home course that is placed within multiple lines of pine trees. Every time I tee off at said hole my disc hyzers just enough to clip the bottom of the trees. Any advice or disc suggestion would help.

I use either a beat DX Roc on a hyzer flip or my Opto Saints thrown low and hard for this shot. How far do you need the disc to go and how is the ground? I ask because if it's less than 300ft and the ground is hard packed I'll usually aim for the ground about 200ft up and have the saint skip the rest of the way. Edit - Looks like Joshmo agrees with the skip method too!
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I use champ leopards for tunnel shots that are further, or lower than i feel comfy using my roc on. I can throw it at like 50-60% power, and it just fades a slight bit right, and then a slight bit left (couple feet max) perfect for a tunnel shot.

I'm still working on it, only had the discs a few weeks, so still learning the release, but man i am excited for my next tourney and tunnel shot...normally i dread them.
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After last night, I'd vote for an Opto Core thrown flat. Glide for days.
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Just picked it up the other day so I've only done fieldwork, but a Star Mako seems like a good fit.

Great glide and can hold a very straight line
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Originally Posted by BrotherDave View Post
Only if you throw them nose up.
I need to play with you some time. Never seen a good nose down hyzer-flip, evidently.
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i agree with the leopard. you can make that guy straight out arrow down a tunnel. I am also a big fan of the fuse. either one thrown hyzer should sit up nicely.

no you do not need height to hyzer flip.
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