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please critique my drive

9 throws. i noticed toward the end that a lot were releasing to low on my torso and flying very low. mostly, i was trying to not over power the throws and just get a smooth pull. the last two felt good with the least OAT. the very last one felt the best and i noticed it was pulled right across my chest.. unlike the others which seemed to be pulled across my abdomen. these throws were going from 250-300ft.. i wasn't too focused on direction, just a clean pull. does anyone see a 'hit'? i am not sure, i think i am either a no hitter or a half hitter (possibly a 1/4 hitter??) i am open to any critique here. thanks!

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my main goals are to minimize effort and use my hips, torso, and shoulders as my main source of power. does it look like i am doing this?
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There's a mini quasi wrist hit and it's way too far behind you. Your plane alignment is all off on the reachback, I'd suggest dropping your throwing shoulder lower to keep it on plane with the elbow. You can also keep your elbow higher although you will likely be throwing rollers without adjusting the shoulders. Your elbow never gets forward of the shoulder so your release is around the left pec instead of out in front of the shoulder. That's like a 1' or more differential and where your acceleration should be happening. Dan Beto talks about it the video, "going from back here to up here will add 80-100' or more".

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During the reach back, try turning your hips 180 degrees from your target. This will force your core to be more involved in the throw.
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all the throws are in slow motion....so cant guess on the hit, but i would guess about a 40% hit
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+1 on the hip rotation; your right foot is perpendicular at plant, which is fine, but to help with more hip rotation, try to get it past perpendicular (heel ahead of toes). also, i see no pause at all, you're throwing from your left pec. you need to get that disc into your right pec and elbow forward past your body as far possible before whipping your torso/shoulders around. definitely looks to be on the right track though.

oh ... and don't be afraid to look away from your target! get everything facing as far backwards as you can ... personally I need to consciously over exaggerate this and it feels like i'm approaching totally backwards .. but when i look at video I'm actually not. trust it!

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thank you for all the replies! sounds like i got my work cut out for me
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Looks like you're throwing an air-bounce with quite a bit of OAT on all those. Seems like the nose is way up. Just judging from watching the disc flight, which I didn't get a really good look at in the vid.
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