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^Yeah, the rims and dome are the major differences.

Riots have the most slanted plus ( + ) rim i've ever seen. And the vast majority of optos are flat as a pancake. So they are easy to get up to speed, hold very straight low lines, and fade out hard at the end... but you have to play with your grip to get good friction.

Flows don't have the plus rim and feels like gripping a wider rim striker. However their dome varies greatly. they have much more glide and high speed turn.

Both are good discs.. they don't overlap at all imho. I had a first run opto riot that i loved for low lines. I had beat it in pretty good over 6 months and had it perfect. Then i lost it and had no patience to beat in another opto (gold lines were not available at the time).
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Originally Posted by cooktastic View Post
What's the benefit (if any) over their Flow...which is the same exact numbers with the exception of better glide? Why 2 discs in their lineup with such close numbers?
I find the riot has better resistance to turning over, and it's great for low line shots. The flow will turn before fading back making it a good downwind bomber. Catch a crosswind and it could drift out into the weeds.
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Here's a video of me throwing a Opto Flow...you can see it turned about 30 degrees. I throw the Riot a lot lower and it turns a little less.

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Originally Posted by jrawk View Post
Flows don't have the plus rim and feels like gripping a wider rim striker. However their dome varies greatly. they have much more glide and high speed turn.
I thought all Latitude molds had a plus rim configuration with the Riot's just being a bit more extreme than others?
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i recommend the riot for fh throwers. they are great fh distance discs. laser beam straight when you get the flat optos. The only reason i went away from them is hard to find lighter weights.
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Got a 174g gl Riot this week. I really like that disc, even the grip. My buddy was really surprised by it too. I used it today for a whole round - and it might become my standard driver...(especially since this swedish plastic has such nice feel to it).
Don't really understand why there is not more talk about it.
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The Riot is an underrated disc that gets lost in Lat 64's lineup for sure. However, with discs like the PD, the SOLF, and Avenger, the Riot will never have the mainstream recognition comparatively. That and the plus rim tends to turn people off. I liked it when I threw it, but it became a little too sensitive to release angles as it started to beat in.
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it might seem counter-intuitive, but i have all sorts of questions about grip - the crease of my hand just never seems to line up the way people say it is supposed to, and the knuckles aren't in the "proper" position. something to do with my fingers, i bet.

anyway, the riot and big ole plus rims like that feel great to me. i feel like i'm holding on tighter; i think it's because my fingers don't have to reach as far by curving inward to get a good hold on the disc, if that makes sense.
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The Riot has fallen to the wayside since I picked up the DD drivers, but this weekend it made a huge impression on me. I was playing in some strong winds and everything was getting gobbled up. I found the lack of glide was just what I needed for controlled drives.

I wish this disc got more love from the DG community. It is too useful to let it fall into obscurity.
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There are just too many discs out there now. You can say the same thing for a lot of companies.
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