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Under Armour works even better when you wear a long sleeve shirt of top. They are warm shirts but they are breathable too, And a strong wind will cut through them.
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I love the under armor as a base layer under a couple other thin layers, with the cold gear, a long sleeve t-shirt or thermal and a thin hoodie I can play down to single digits with little loss of movement.
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Originally Posted by mashnut View Post
I love the under armor as a base layer under a couple other thin layers, with the cold gear, a long sleeve t-shirt or thermal and a thin hoodie I can play down to single digits with little loss of movement.
This, plus I have a thin Columbia shell that will block wind & moisture.
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I'll put a vote in for the LL Bean Under Armor equivalent. The whole point of that base layer is to give a bit of insulation but to also wick away sweat. Most of the time that means that it's a synthetic material.
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I've been wearing the UA Cold Gear for a decade, both the long sleeve uppers and the pants. Got them for football in the end of October in Maine. Wore it for early season track practices too. I wear it as my base layer for snowboarding, snowshoeing, and late season mountain biking. I've also used it for for white water rafting and winter hiking. Basically anything active in the cold and the UA cold gear is perfect. I don't play much disc golf in the winter, but when I do, I always wear the UA under an LL Bean fleece lined sweat shirt and I stay plenty warm. I paid $50 for the long sleeve upper, and $50 for the pants. Considering I've been wearing both for 10 years I think it was a very good investment.
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I have played in Blizzards and also on -40*f days where your eyes tear up from the wind gusts and instantly freeze. UA cold gear is good stuff for sure but you will need some other basics essentials.

1, Waterproof boots
2, Hand warmers (Costo case runs about $15-20 and will last all winter)
3, Neck Gaiter or balaclava which ever you prefer
4, Good socks
5, UA cold gear handwarmer pouch is HUGE!, I throw a could handwarmers in it and you are good.

Mostly the important thing to think of is to layer up, Cold gear with Polar fleece jackets and a windbreaker and you should be solid.
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Originally Posted by craftsman View Post
For the body i use merrel long sleave, thermal, merrel lightweight half zip, merrell fleece half zip, and a bubble vest on top.
Just cant beat the bubble vest for the top, nice and warm while keeping your throwing motion free from restrictions.

For keeping the neck and face warm, I would recommened the Under Armour hood. Keeps the face and neck warm, can be adjusted to expose the face and just warm the neck.

Other than the UA hood, I personally find UA overrated. Most places around these parts try and demand top dollar for UA gear and some of the prices are absurd. Not to mention their quality isn't all that, rips out just as easy as Nike or any other clothing maker. Not sure why it cost so much, maybe all the ads.

Best bang for your buck is to find a local REI and become a member. Then buy all kinds of comparible gear there for a great price and a year end rebate (10% kick back). North Face, Patagonia, REI brand, Marmot, etc... I love the REI base layers myself, pair them with a great windbreaker jacket and a nice puffy vest. Add in a fleece cap and I am ready to go.

Gonna check into a handwarmer like others posted, be nice to have one like the NFL QB's I can wear around the waist and use for my throwing hand.
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My ultimate team is sponsored by UA. Only since 2012 though, so I have not yet tried the new gear I got in winter conditions. It works very well with autoumn conditions though.
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gotta wick the sweat off yourself first, and UA is good for that, but id recommend checking out some high quality camping gear type stuff. ull want to wear some layers i betcha, keep your core warm, and the wind off ya. = long sleeve base layer, down vest, windbreaker/raincoat. that oughta keep the weight down, but i dont know how cold its going to be for you.
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Originally Posted by Johnny_Crunch View Post
You won't regret spending the money on the UA. It costs extra for a reason.
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