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I know the feeling, man. Back in '07 or so one of the locals told me that if I wanted to improve my game I had to learn to throw mids well. I went out and got myself a Buzzz and played Buzzz only rounds at my local course. First I was strong arming everything and turning it into rollers but eventually figured out how to actually snap the disc and got better at it. Some time in '08 I accidentally threw it over 400 feet. Just like your experience, that throw felt very different. I thought I did something wrong at first until I saw how far it went. I spent the next 4 years practicing trying to replicate what I did that day. I finally threw a Buzzz again over 400 earlier this summer on purpose and was able to breathe a sigh of relief Takes a lot of dedication and practice. There will be times you'll want to give up but if you stick to it you will see it pay off. I was lucky to have a buddy that kept pushing me whenever I was down and ready to stop chasing distance.

Slowing down does help, because it's easier to isolate the hit point.
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I've experienced the effortless throw that went forever. Threw a Teebird about 380 (further than I throw my max D driver) once...on accident. Been trying to replicate it since. I'm not expert, but it seems that smooth is far. If you watch pro players, everything is smooth. It just seems so contrary to logic...get all tense trying to muscle it far. I try and just relax and smooth it out.

I think the smoothness and flawless form yields the best results in most sports.
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Originally Posted by theabacus View Post
I think the smoothness and flawless form yields the best results in most sports.
I agree. Smooth can yield the best results because the sequencing allows for the best possible speed with the best possible geometry for accuracy.
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I played a round with a local pro today for the first time. I watched him as closely as I could without getting slugged for some kinky kind of assault. He was slow, smooth and effortless. He threw a lot of putter and mid shots. The course dictated some of that, but watching him gave me hope. He isn't a big arm. He just nails shots up to about 350', stays on the fairway, and makes the putts we should all make. He hasn't played much lately, so I'm sure I didn't see his best, but I would agree that learning to throw putters and mids well is a huge deal. And obviously putting well helps.

Time for some sloppy discing down again this winter.
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Wow, Thanks for the reality check. Time to just use my buzz and T-bird until I can get up to my vulcans speed.
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Threw a Comet at the basket 100' out. Fly by but kept on going? I wanted it to settle down but it glided, like a majic carpet. It went 250' even thou I eased it at the target. PO'ed, but realized no effort but just form. I need to slow and perfect form.
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Throw a lid, it would brake itself Still it feels great when throw effortlessly and perfectly
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