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I just took a brand new Neutron Vector out the past two rounds I've played after throwing nothing but a thrashed Axis for my mids and it was a lot of fun. Flies quite overstable compared to what I am used to with my Axis, and this particular Neutron disc feels extra soft and gummy. It feels wonderful. I had fun seeing how far I could push it forehand. Ironed out somemore FH oat throwing just the Axis so it's felt incredibly easy controlling the Vector.
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very nice! Thanks for all your vids mike. I tried to pm ya but your box is full
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Sorry if this has been answered earlier...

What, if any, are the differences from the Proton plastic to the Neutron plastic w/ the Vector? If I don't like the new Roc3, I may be giving these a shot.
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Originally Posted by Deebo4Discs View Post
Sorry if this has been answered earlier...

What, if any, are the differences from the Proton plastic to the Neutron plastic w/ the Vector? If I don't like the new Roc3, I may be giving these a shot.
Neutron to proton there is not much difference. The main thing is the dome. The more dome the beefier they are. I know the red neutron vectors seem to be the flatter of the neutrons. I just picked up a new gummy blue eclipse vector and it is also flat. The blue eclipse actually has a tiny bit of turn with a nice fade, where the red neutron is dead straight with a hard late fade @~325'.
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In the past, I'd primarily use my Eclipse Vector for rollers. Since it's been thrown on the ground so much, it's become nice and beat, and is now a straight mid with a nice fade. It can still take a full throw, but is developing a slight turn, then it locks in until almost full distance before the fade kicks in. I've been throwing it recently almost as much as the Volt, because it's so reliable.
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Wondering if anyone had a pretty overstable vector up for sale or trade. My last vector (proton) was perfect OS for me, but it was sadly lost and my most recent (eclipse) seems to turn a but more and doesn't have quite the stability I was looking for. I tried the boiling water trick to add a bit of dome as well as ZAMs tuning guide, but each only helped a tiny bit. I don't have any local shops to look at individual discs for dome and PLH. I'd like to try neutron plastic, but I guess I'm not too picky about that. Let me know guys, thanks.
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First runs are the way to go. I've been buying a couple backups recently. They're the most OS I've thrown yet.
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anyone still throwing vectors? i use mine off the tee 99% of the time 300'- 470'..
people are always asking me what driver i threw, i just say these things are monsters.
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^^^Nice post count.(666!)I got a proton vector last summer and this thing is stupid overstable still. It's either a first run or proton vectors are just the heat. I had a Neutron vector which after a month threw more like a buzz with more fade or a beatin' in gator.
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I carry a n getting beat less fade now, and a heavy eclipse. I throw these like fairway drivers. Anything 330 and in the vector is coming out. My n vector moved the axis out of the bag.
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