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Originally Posted by codyroberts18 View Post
McBeth would have been my answer around the time of worlds, but really didn't do anything impressive after. Wysocki seems like he is almost the best for Innova, but he hasn't had that key win yet. This is an opinionated thread after all...
McBeth's winnings this year- 34K
Colglazier's winnings this year- 15K.

Pretty F'ing good for pretty much his first year on tour, but he can't compare with McBeast.
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Cam played have the event's McBeth did also. Just saying. I did say Cam or Schusterick, they both are playing great at this time.
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where is the link to the top ten players? who even won the mens points was it McBeast? i think that is the best gauge because it is against all the top pros.

i think the womens cup is still figuring out the math.
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Originally Posted by Ziggy View Post
Vibram - dana vicich, ross brandt, or mittenz

MVP - none. yet. Couple testers and social media.

Lat 64 - Jesper Lundmark

Gateway - John E. McCray

Legacy - Stevie Rico

DGA - Jon Baldwin

Westside: Greg Barsby

Prodiscus: Devan Owens. If he dont count - then Timo

Sorry, first time I have seen that outside of the local crowd.
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Jesper doesn't compete anymore. Tomas is pretty much their MPO guy. They have a couple juniors kids who are starting to really get hot. And Ragna is their top female. She's amazing.

Side note-discmania is innova...just tweaked molds.

I would have to say catrina over Paige, though she's not far behind. Also, steve Rico isn't alone from legacy...his bro bamba competes too. I'm curious to see who the first legacy female will be. She's gonna have a cannon for an arm considering the power and arm speed needed for some of their discs.
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^^ i know i have seen pics of brittany blair with legacy gear but tbh i have no clue
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Originally Posted by redrum View Post
They have a couple juniors kids who are starting to really get hot.
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Originally Posted by Spunky View Post
says the guy w/ the spermatoa for an avatar
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Originally Posted by bergdawg View Post
Her and Aaron traveled all summer.
That's great news. i would love to route for a local hero the other 75% of the year as well. any idea why she didn't play Charleston? A win there would have been a great way to close the season.
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Originally Posted by dmbrun2 View Post
Spencer wilken won advanced worlds and is unsponsered
He is part of team iron lion. Pre worlds and Post worlds.

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