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Originally Posted by Brall View Post
this is a hot mess of mostly organized chaos with reds longer than golds, looks like fun
I have no idea what I'm looking at. Power and Finesse ratings on each hole, and at least one hole that doesn't have a number (on left side of map)? WTF?

From the short tee, beat 150 DX Teebird on slight hyzer to hit R -> L curve and then flip/flatten to float L -> R.

And I agree, this hole is begging for something like a Leo or X Comet.
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Both tees:
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Champ Shark probs... Whatever mid I feel like I have the most control of after 22 holes.
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MD2 from either tee
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this is my favorite course in Houston. Hole plays pretty straight with the basket about 20ft to the left of the middle tree at the end of the fairway. I very tough hole to make 3. Only seen is birdied once.

Don;'t know what the gold tee is about as there's only one box per hole. The finesse vs power is two different layouts. The finesse 18 plays around a golf course and the power 9 plays on the golf course. Also, you can play the total 27. The unnumbered hole you see is kinda a hidden hole.

I take a gazelle of the tee and hope for an easy lay up and 3 as the next hole is very tough too.
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Buzzz, playing safe, happy with a 3
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Hyzerflip Fuse off the tee. I see a lot that could go wrong here.
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Last time I played here, I did well hyzer flipping a river, but really I just got lucky, lol. This is a tough course, but lots of fun and a great pro shop to replace those discs you'll probably lose, lol
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Sidewinder of fuse
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LHBH Hyzer flipped Echostar RoadRunner
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