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The Low-End Leftovers bag

I've posted a few bag threads already, and I'm having fun slowly working my way through all of the disc I've collected since I started, learning what I like and don't like. Along the way, I've turned into a bit of a plastic snob, so most low-end plastic has ended up in the storage bin. I realized today I could cobble together a decent small bag with what are essentially my leftovers. Most of them have only been thrown a few times during a round or in a field. I figured I'd try this out for a round tomorrow and see how I like it...

168 DX Valk (8.5/10) - distance driver
171 DX Gazelle (9/10) - straight control/wind driver
171 DX Cheetah (9/10) - turnover/anny driver
174 DX Roc (7.5/10) - do everything mid!
175 SSS Magic (8.5/10) - straight/anny approaches
173 Pro-D GT Banger (8.5/10) - approaches requiring a touch of fade/inside the circle

I already throw a champ Valk as my main driver, Bangers have been my main putters for a good while and I threw DX Rocs and Aviars exclusively for months, so it's not like I'm in unfamiliar territory. Despite that, I'm pretty excited about giving this bag a whirl. What do you guys think?
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Other than something stable to overstable in a faster speed I could see playing just about any course with that bag.
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I got my round in with this bag today and it did pretty good. My average at my local course is +6 or so and I ended up with a +3. It was pretty windy and the most stable disc I had was the Gazelle, which is actually fairly flippy for me with no wind. The first three holes were into a 20+ mph headwind and...well, that was an adventure. I was definitely missing something overstable, both for the wind and one hole which requires an overhand shot. Also, that DX Roc might be closer to 6/10 than 7.5/10. On this course, I seldom have much need for a mid anyway (driver then approach with putter for 200ft on in if necessary), but when I do I need it to be more overstable than that DX Roc. I may throw in a 180 KC Pro Roc I found next time and see if it does more of what I want.

Overall, I'm happy with the experiment. I have a "leftover"/unused Star Wraith and an ESP Stalker I'll keep in the car for next time to swap out for the Cheetah and Gazelle in case of windy conditions again. Other than that and swapping out Rocs, though, I'll roll with this again and see how it works out. It's just fun to change it up sometimes!
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