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i received my packages last week...both were packed with goodies
definitley wanna thank my secret santas for giving me a bunch of cool stuff. heres what i got

esp buzzz
esp fullcolor buzzz
z glo buzzz
gl trident
pro rhyno
champ wraith
dx teebird
dx aviar
dx BB aviar
champ panther

other stuff...
dg shirt
dg beer mugs
wood mini with my name engraved
zing minis
small axe minis

i never expected to get this much, i would have been happy with a lot less. thanks for hooking me up...u guys are awesome
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My first package.
Discraft Wave
Dymax Paul Uribarri unknown putter Sweet wall hanger
Glow King Cobra: Man this thing feels great in my hand, I will give it a chance during my next round for sure!
PD : haven't thrown them before and are on my list to try.
Ascent : normally too floppy for me but I think I will let it fly a few times
Lucky 7 Wizard: Wow. It may have bumped my Ion out as lead putter. Just hope I can find a few more.
GL Havoc: I have owned one before but it never made the bag. I'll give it another shot for sure.
Black Echo Archon (Not pictured) Fantastic disc!

A bunch of swag, stickers, hand warmers, a sweet Buzzz patch and two personal things from my SS.
First, A note stating that I must pick one disc I received and write in large permanent marker "to be given to the next person played with" I thought about just writing Play it Forward instead. I believe I will choose the PD.
Second, a copy of the Book of Mormon with a nice personal letter written inside.

Second Package:

QJLS appoved: A long lost disc for my collection. My favorite type, style, look on a disc. I can't wait to let this thing fly.
TI Stalker: It matches my colorshift TI buzzz perfectly and it feels better than my other stalker.
FLAT Z Wasp: nice and bright, I have one identical but it is a super dome!

A delicious beef summer sausage that I have destroyed with Tillamook sharp cheddar and stone ground mustard + Zesta crackers.
and two brews.
Mississippi Mud: I have had a few of these in my time and always have fond memories. This one is waiting for christmas eve!
Pensicoloa Bay Lighthouse Porter: Haven't tried this one before but porters are normally right down my alley!

Thanks again to both of you. Sorry it took so long to post my package But end of the semester and coming down with a nasty cold delayed my response. Thank you again, and as always, I am blown away at the amount of generosity on this site. Thank you S.T and all of your helpers this time around! Can't wait until July!
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Originally Posted by Krohn29 View Post
It came and it was worth the wait.

1. Star Teerex. Grey
2. Star Teerex, yellow ish orange, Xout with pro Valkyrie stamp. So cool.
3. Glow champ Rhyno
4. Glow champ Firebird.
5. Glow Leopard.
6. Dynamics disc hat.
7. Got 2 koozies and bunch of stickers and a mini.
8. Travel water bag.

I can't wait to get out and play glow now.
Thank you SS, for all the sweet stuff. I like all the Arizona stuff on the disc n mini.

Glad you enjoyed it, hope you get to throw them soon, I got the gray teerex, because it was on your list , then I thought... Rochester, almost white disc in the winter, no good, so I found the other one and had to add it on. merry Christmas!
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Ya i play every Wednesday & Saturday... Saturdays are are winter league, and there is no snow on the ground yet so grey will be in the bag this week. And i love Teerex for tomahawks in the woods. I enjoy the gift thanks man.
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@drew197. I sent the wood mini gift. Sorry I forgot to put my note in there and sorry it was a little late. I hope you get some use out of that stuff.
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According to my calculations

There are Zero people that haven't received.

Well done everyone

Hope everyone enjoyed it this year, I know I did.

Big Thanks to Solomon for heading this up again this year. I know its a hassle.
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Thank you for doing this. It has been an amazing experience. I look forward to the upcoming years of SS on DGCR
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Send a message via AIM to B3NDER

All packages delivered BEFORE January!?

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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by shroom View Post
According to my calculations

There are Zero people that haven't received.
Well done, y'all! Special thanks to everyone involved in cat herding, I'm sure this isn't an easy thing to manage. Can't wait for next year!
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i hope i can get in on the next one
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