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Captain Bad's Bag

Years playing/experience: Off and on for 14 years. High Int/Low Adv level player
Right/left-handed/ambidextrous: Right
Throwing Style: RHBH
Golf Distance (avg/max*) for putter/mid/driver: Putters 200/250; Mids 250/280; Fairways 300/320; Distance 330/360

Age: 32
Sex: M
Injuries/handicaps?: None
Other sport proficiencies?: None
Additional Information: None
What do you like/dislike about your current bag?: I feel like the bag is fairly well rounded.
Specific areas of desired feedback: Just trying to identify any gaps or overlaps to see if the bag is as well rounded as I think it is.
Immediate and long-term goals: I'd like to improve my accuracy and consistency off the tee, but I think that's more the archer than the arrow


Drivers (weight/plastic/model/(condition)/use):
Three Destroyers - Main Distance Drivers:
--168g First Run Star Destroyer (a little flippy) - Max D
--168g *DS (stable)
--175g Champ (a little beefy)

175g Star Firebird: (used, stable) - Main headwind driver.

175g Star Starfire: (used, stable) - Kind of a tweener disc for me. It's mostly used when I'm looking for a straight flight with a hard-ish late fade and the wind is maybe a bit much for my Valks. I'm on the fence about this one since my stable Destroyers might already fill that spot.

Two Valkyries:
--168g JK Pro (used, slightly beat) - Turnovers.
--176g 5x Champ (used, stable) - More durable, more stable so I'm more confident with using this one for flex shots.

Two Roadrunners:
--168g Star (used, very flippy) - Rollers (sorta, since I suck at them); hyzer flips that continue turning right.
--168g Star (newer) - Hyzer flips that finish with a stronger fade than the other RR.

Two Teebirds:
--175g 11x KC Pro (stable) - Straight/Hyzer Utility - Straight shots, spike hyzers, flicks, flex shots, light headwinds.
--171g Star (beat) - Probably redundant. Much less stable than the 11x. Less fade at the end.

10x KC Pro Cheetah: (beat. No, f*$% that! It's well seasoned) I LOVE this disc and it stays in no matter what Straight/Anhyzer Utility - hyzer flips, tunnel shots, flick approaches.

175g 12x KC Pro Roc (used, beat) - Main Mid. Shorter straight or dogleg rights. Typical approaches.

175g Proton Vector (used, stable) - Overstable mid for headwinds and spike hyzers

175g Proton Ion (used) - Main putter. Also used for many short (<250') drives.

175g Wizard (new) - Debating switching to this for main putter. Grippy and flexible but not floppy. Doesn't bounce off the chains as much as the Ion sometimes tends to do.

175g DX Rhyno (used, a little beat) - Headwind putts, short approaches/drives

174g Beadless Aviar (very used, beat) - Left-to-right putts/approaches.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I appreciate any input you guys might have!
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Drop the Starfire.

I feel that two RRs are unnecessary. Especially the stable one since you already have the Valks.

I think you need to get your putters straight in your head. Nothing worse than 2nd guessing what to use. I think you could drop one of the putters you are currently carrying.

Just my thoughts
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Thanks for the input.

Yeah, I think I'll drop the Starfire. I'm not entirely convinced about dropping the RR yet, though. It hyzer flips better and fits tighter lines with better distance than my Valks. I'll have to throw them both a few times and make a final decision, but thanks for that thought.

Do you think there are any gaps in the bag?
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I agree with BHoly the Starfire isn't needed and those throws can be covered with either the Firebird or one of the Destroyers. I feel that you should commit to one putter mold. I consider molds like the Rhyno or Zones more of mid, rather than putter, and don't think that it overlaps or competes with the putters used strictly for putting.
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Dropping the Starfire.

Yeah, I feel the same way about the Rhyno. It's a great approach disc and it feels great off the tee. Really, I only use it to putt if I'm staring into a good headwind.

Thanks again guys. I appreciate your perspectives.
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Where are the mids? If you want more accuracy off the tee, throw your mids or your cheetah more often off the tee. Like I used to throw drivers on basically every hole at my home course, but now I could play every hole with nothing over 7 speed. (except for sidearms) It has really improved my game because I can control the slower speeds much easier. So I say maybe get a buzzz and work on driving with mids. But this is all my opinion.
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Thumbs down

Originally Posted by KatanaFrenzy View Post
Where are the mids?
I throw a beat 12x Roc for most mid range drives and most approaches. I used to carry an MVP Axis as well because that thing is just laser straight, but the 12x can do the same.

I carry an MVP Vector as a more overstable mid. I just picked up a nice, flat, max weight Roc3 that people are saying is pretty stable, so I'll be experimenting with that.

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