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z nebula(semi overstable..)
qsentinel(small bead)
the new flat cmd2 are beefy
star cro
whippet(beey enough to be a mid)
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*Remembers Trident sitting in the garage*

Thanks for the education, everyone. I couldn't tell by some of the photos on Disc Outfitters what had beads and what didn't, so it is much appreciated. I'll try the Trident for a bit, and maybe pick up a Zone or Demon at some point. Demon just sounds cool.
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I'm currently using an HPP Blaze. Pure beef and it sticks the landing.
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Zone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once you do you won't search for anything else.
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Yeah, hornet or zone.... both are very very comfortable in the hand. I've been throwing the same z hornet for a year now and it's at the point of almost straight. Great discs... under-rated imho. Wish there were some more production plastic choices available.
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Star Cro is an under rated disc. No glide, no skip, no errors. Good approach weapon.
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Zone is a little shorter and not quite as stable as the hornet. They also have very different feel. Zone is relatively thin and flat topped while the Hornet is domier. I've used both Zone and Hornet for this but currently have the Hornet in my bag.

I've not thrown a Trident but according to the inbounds charts it's even more stable. Not sure I'd like something that's prone to "sick" skips.

Last edited by KniceZ; 01-11-2013 at 01:00 PM.
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I think you're good to try the Trident first and see if it fits your needs. While trying my new Lat64 stuff, I've been throwing that in place of my Z Hornet, but the Trident is a little longer and fades harder for me. If the Trident doesn't work out, then I'd recommend a Z Hornet. It feels similar to my GL Pain, but not quite as deep on the rim. Really, it feels virtually identical to a Z Buzzz to me.

About the skip potential of the Trident...if it hits the ground at semi-flat angle, it'll skip like crazy.
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I threw a Drone until I picked up a GL Pain on a whim. That Pain is now my all time favorite disc, so I can't imagine wanting to replace it... But it still has to step aside for a Trident on occasion. Both great discs, and compliment each other well.
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Originally Posted by KniceZ View Post
I've not thrown a Trident but according to the inbounds charts it's even more stable. Not sure I'd like something that's prone to "sick" skips.
The inbounds flight guide covers the flight of the Trident almost perfectly. I have not thrown or seen thrown a mid-range with a bigger fade and a HSS of 0.

The Whippet probably has a harder fade but its HSS is +1 for a normal power thrower, giving it more of a "C" shape flight instead of the Tridents upside down "L" shape

If you are scared of the skip you shold probably avoid the disc though, because it is unavoidable. It doesn't work for me as an apprach disc because of this, however I throw putters for approaches anyway. I use the Trident on holes where I specifically want a skip. I will say though, it is a predictable skip so you just have to adjust your aim. Or, you can throw the disc at a steeper hyzer angle and it won't skip much

The Gold Line Trident is easily one of my favorite discs in my bag.
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