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Rock climbing is good it builds grip strength and core strength. My grip strength is strong, if I grip my disc too hard. I can do a full runup drive and if I overgrip my disc too much it wont leave my hands. At least I don't have to worry about not having a good grip.

There is some good climbing in your neck of the country. Not sure if it is super close to you, but there is some good climbing in that region.
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yeah I'm about an hour or so from the Appalachians.
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Run 800m

3 rounds
10 pull ups
10 pushups
15 kb swings
20 air squats

Run 800m

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3 rounds

800m row
30 toes to bar
30 double unders

I love winter!
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I'm training for a half marathon in the spring so I'm just getting back into running 3-5 miles every other day as well as getting in some weights. Me and the wife are just getting into yoga as well. Also on a side note, played my 1st round in the snow today and i loved it!
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I see guys talking about "I play in the snow.." I don't see how you can play in anything deeper than 2-3 inches. People say, tie a ribbon or put chalk or use bright discs or pay attention to the disc entry in the snow.... that seems like way too much work. Today we got 5 inches of snow and it's been below 15 degrees all day.. didn't have a single thought of going out there and throwing a round in those conditions. Lol. When there isn't some snow on the ground I do a lot of putting practice. Start with a round of 9 hole (the putting game), then outside from 35'-60', then I do some putt driving from 150'-250', then I go in reverse. Takes about an hour to an hour and a half before today I was doing that a couple times a week. Now with this new snow I'll have to settle for putting in the garage with my portable from about 20' away.
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i haven't used it myself but people have said that they use colored rock climbing chalk on their hands and disc, leaves a nice colored mark in the snow where it enters. i've tried the ribbon taped to a disc with mixed results. luckily we don't get a lot of snow where i'm at, and if we do it's usually gone within a few days.
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So far have played through snow, ice, and rain. Rain is easy as a waterproof layer and a good towel gets you through. Ice requires only a bit of consideration to the slide out any shot will have after landing. Snow is hard but possible. The trick is marking where your disc came down and walking that line. Look for a gash in the snow or any indication of color. Also, playing in groups helps immensely. So to improve my game this winter I have played multiple rounds a week. And used the icy tee pads as an excuse to make myself learn a more dependable back hand since flick rollers and anhyzers are out of the question.
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Well I didn't keep this thread up, but I did get some work in this winter. One week until the first tourney, and a month until the first Atier. I'm playing decent but I'm curious how ill perform for two rounds. Planning to do 36 holes tomorrow or Wednesday.

I never win OPC Open, usually 5th or so. I'm hoping this is the year.
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I weight lift 5-6 days a week. I work on all the essentials, Bi's, tri's shoulders, back, chest, legs. I do core and abs 5-6 days a week. I do cardio about 2-3 days a week. My ability to do cardio is limited to a bike. I also try to do the towel drill 3x a week! At least that's what I did this winter!
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