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If you can incorporate the fences, buildings, etc into the course design without them being cheesy or novelty, I'd say keep them.
The basket in the dugout sounds cool but too many things like that will make the course kinda cheesy and too miniature-golf like.
You should show support for whatever the city/county wants to do as that will show them that you're willing to work with them, which in turn will make them feel better about the whole situation.
Good luck with your project and keep us updated!
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Originally Posted by harr0140 View Post
I know you say "old ball field" but dont forget that at any time someone else might decide to reistate the use of said fields . . . if they are actually already not in use. You better consider that as part of your design or you will be scrambling down the road to alter it. Odds are the ball field will be used again sometime. I think someone inferred these baseball fields are "out of play".

EDIT: I am leaving this post up because I think it is often overlooked. Just because the use of the property is X one year, it might change so try and think about how things might change long term. Although this is another cirumstance where I should have read all posts before posting. I now see they plan to take down the fences and a city or county wouldnt do that unless the plans were to completely get rid of the fields.
I think this is an excellent point. And as far as the DG course goes, I'd vote to keep the fences instead of the pond. To the OP, do you a say in the matter at all? In either event, good luck with the course.
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I'll talk with them more about the pond idea. There's a nice creek that will border the course on two sides...I think that gives enough of a water feature for the course. Also will depend on how much they'll put into landscaping. If we could take the cost of the pond and put that into purchasing trees to use to help add definition to the fairways....
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I say kill the pond idea. If the idea is to get families and new players out there, and pond might discourage them from playing if they start loosing discs. Some newbies don't know that discs don't float.

I had a newbie yesterday that was standing to the left of a very small pond, maybe 15ft X 10ft and he shanked it right into the water. Couldn't see the bottom is was so murky, but I got to try out my Golden Retriever for the first time, and on the 6th time I threw it in, I hooked it.
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Well this course is now in the ground. Part of the outfield fence was removed....while others areas were used to dump concrete that is slated to be ground-up for our crushed rock tees. That was an unexpected surprise as it took away some of the planned course.

The course is 9 holes but we will be expanding the course to 12 holes in the future.
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