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Maybe not 100' but I'll certainly throw thumbers for upshots when it's too far to flick a Pig. Maybe 175 and up. I'm much more consistent than throwing a full putter from 200 or so. Terrain also plays a part. Fast greens often get roll aways with overhand shots.
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I've been tempted to throw overhand because this type of throw goes pretty straight. A backhand could go straight too. But it could also turn over & go way right or hyzer out & go way left of the pin leaving a much more difficult putt. Tough decision!
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I love to use Tomahawks at any distance from 300' (about my max tomahawk right now) and will feel very confident that I can place it where I want. On those 100' shots I like to throw a Ridge that I can get to flip then slide up to the basket.
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Originally Posted by Stankyjahnke View Post
i don't know if i'm weird but if i'm on an open field hole and im a 100ft to the basket i feel like i can get closer to where i want with a tomahawk insted of throwing backhand. just wondering if anyone else does this?
I'm with you man! If its within 75-150 feet, I can park an OH shot with better consistency than my BH or FH. However I have been working more on the BH/FH approaches and try to focus on using more often.

But if there is $ or pride on the line I'll drop the tomahawk on the basket!
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There's this dude named Fish at El Dorado in Long beach who tomahawks his upshots
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I don't do it myself, but if it works for you more power to ya! There's a guy here that will throw a big spike hyzer in that situation. Again, not something I do but it seems to work for him.
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im more of a thumber guy but yeah i do it sometimes but not all the time i like throwing putters too
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I like to throw short overhand upshots with my putters. They come down nice and flat and the rollaway risk is lessened.
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OH's are excellent weapons for approaches if cross winds aren't too strong, there are no 'stealth branches' that can interupt your shot 20' out of your hand, and if you can live with the occasional roll-a-way.

And I'm with you Jim (S.) regarding throwing OH's maybe not 100' and in but 100' and out to 200'+ if 'open'.

Ps: How ya doin' and I hear (from them) that we have mutual friends down in Fuquay Varina!
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Overhand sucks

I love using overhand to get out of trouble, or up and around brush/through trees. I've gotten pretty good I'd say at it...
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