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I see this alot with my group I used to play with, they would kill me off the tees as I drive at 275 and can place it where I want to. However if I try to pump up some more distance I get off line. But when we played the tight holes they were stripping bark of the trees like they needed it for kindling.
But slow your arm action a bit and worry about placing and not driving the lane in one. If you are 20 feet behind but in the middle of the fairway you can easily make that up. I will actually bust out my beat up Hawk for those types of holes and love laying up those tight glide shots.
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I've bee playing about a year and have run into the same problems. I can really recommend what the others have said about discing down. You're better off landing on the fairway 75' short of what you could get with a driver than chucking into the woods. I've had to find a mid that works for me there, I have trouble keeping certain mids low. I've added a disc to my bag just for doing wooded shots. Find the mid that you can get the straightest and go with it. I had to stand at a tee on a wooded tunnel and throw my entire bag five times through before I got it. I can drop my mids on the fairway 9 out of ten and my driver about 3 or 4 out of ten.
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As other have said I usually switch to mids if its heavily wooded, more controllable.
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Watch Barry Schultz's form in this video. Also watch how wild everyone else is. He's a savant at throwing in the woods:


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Just add the last part of the url into the youtube tags and that embeds a video.

It then gives you this.
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Barry S's shots are at ~0.37, 3:39, and 5:25.
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Sorry if I'm just being redundant, but I'm not about to read this entire thread.

1) Firt thing to remember whne playing a hevaily wooded course: All you want outta your tee shot is a clean look at the basket. Use more controllable discs (mids and putters mostly) off the tee - chances are you'll get better results staying away from drivers altogether on tight courses because placement is more important that distance off the tee. Another 20' further down the fairway is useless if it leaves you with a crapppy lie/in jail/etc. For the most part, drivers tend to have more fade than mids and putters, so even if you throw it on a rope, and it holds the desired line, there's a decent chance your fade and/or skip puts you in the weeds if it's a tight hole, and you'e left having to work around, over or through something on your 2nd shot. Your better off powering down and using whatever discs you personally have the most control with.

2) Play more wooded courses. Playing courses that really make you hold a line can really teach you about finnese and shot shaping. Not saying you can't do that in the open, but I just think carving a line through the trees helps you visualize what you want to do, as well as help you guage how far your shots go before they turn fade, etc.
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Like above post I'm not going to read all 5.5 pages Haha But something that helps me on tight fairways is throwing my stable Roc at a stand still. I can still get it ~220 and its still a much more controlled shot than throwing my Valkyrie or Wraith with a slow walk up, and it's decently beat in so there's very little fade. I even sometimes throw it on a slight hyzer so it flips back and gives a very gentle fade at the end and I'm still sitting in the fairway with a clean 100'-150' or so look at the basket that I can throw with my Wizard at a stand still.. and I just par'd the hole and I can move on.
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yesterday i forced myself to play all backhand at el dorado which has some nice shots through the trees. It made me feel sorry for the players that don't have a forehand. I also cant quiet get the hyzer flip backhand and lets just say i wont be posting up my score from yesterday. In the trees you just have to be versatile. Thats why i was playing all backhand. Lately i ve been relying too much on my forehand and that just doesn't always work either. I use wide variety of discs in the trees and throw a wide variety of shots. I would say get discs of all types (stable,overstable, and understable) learn your forehand and learn the shots you don't have. Im still a beginner for sure but i have taken it seriously and the only shot i still cant quit get is the backhand hyzer flip. i do pretty well in the trees not as well as some but better than others. theres my 1 cent. not sure if its worth 2 yet.
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