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What about autographed discs? I'm thinking about putting these two up as ctp's at a tournament. Does an autograph increase the discs value?
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A autograph is worth as much as someone is willing to pay. With that said though, some see them as ink and thus decreasing the value.
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Originally Posted by BionicRib View Post
lol.......actually Im gonna change that a bit.....I would say 60 to 70 on the roc......and 50 to 60 for the bird. The used 10x rocs don't seem to be fetching what they used to and I didn't see that PUFF ink on the teebird
Plus you need to see the cut on the rim, and the two small nicks/cuts to really peg the roc down on it's value. It's a hard one to be sure, i'd say 50-60 is about right tho.
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Originally Posted by plastic cannon View Post
some see them as ink and thus decreasing the value.
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I don't have a picture handy, but what would a 10/10 173g bar stamped big bead Aviar go for?
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Originally Posted by Craton View Post
Plus you need to see the cut on the rim, and the two small nicks/cuts to really peg the roc down on it's value. It's a hard one to be sure, i'd say 50-60 is about right tho.

Considering inflation and the time I will actually be able to sell this disc, it might be a small retirement fund in value

It is kind of crazy seeing how fast values blow up in time on stuff, you gain as much value in stuff like classic cars and discs as you do from the lame banks 1% interest these days!
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How much should I expect one of these to cost me? I am not looking for a collector version so used works for me I just dont want it superbeat, I guess I am looking for one rated close to a 7 on the sleepy scale. And if you have one for sale feel free to PM me with a pic and price Oh and I prefer the weight to be 172+.

I do see the pearly prices above but there seem to be so many factors in these discs that I am not sure if that will make a big price difference.

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The list of disc I posted were not pearly. If a disc is sold on Ebay and is pearly I try to record it with in the color column.
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I'm just curious what would be the value of these two discs both are unthrown and still like new any input and offers would be appreciative
2010 team keen echo star destroyer 175
signed aj star destroyer by himself 175

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you can't read the tooling?

Originally Posted by nkhoury View Post
Just bought this, 2004 z Buzzz from the Discontinuum Blast 2004 anyone know if this sucker is wasp or buzzz tooled and what its worth 178g 7.5-8/10 condition

on the rim you should be able to read the "tooling" it will say Wasp or Buzzz quite clearly.
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