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Thanks Disc Nation. That was a great video. I really enjoyed seeing the same person throw the 3 different discs to get an idea of flight for each of the discs. Just for my reference, what kind of distance were you getting on those throws on the soccer field?
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300ft to 450ft, based on the disc and shot. There is a gradual slope down behind the end of the soccer field. I think that soccer field measures about 330ft end to end. For reference the tree that one of the blue Volts hits is about 430-440ft out from the spot we were throwing.

At the driving range I put a few shocks just shy of 500ft. ZAM can confirm it as he had to pick them up

First time I had seen myself throw in a while. If you notice I pull away to the right in a few shots, because apparently my ego wanted to watch my discs fly and I blocked the camera

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Nice video...may pick up a Shock now?!
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very cool to see Disc Nation pump out a video talking through all of MVP's control drivers. Great quality footage. I liked how you all talked through some of the strengths/ flight paths/ power and "average chucker" lines.

Look forward to some more.. MVP Mids and Putters !!! Only so I can turn friends to these videos. You all explain it a lot better than I could to someone new to MVP discs.

Nice job fella's
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Vids are blocked at work and I'm only allowed the iPad in bed. Haven't seen MikeC's vid.

ZJ you did a good job showcasing the unique flights of all three in the FB vid. I think they would probably work better as a set rather than individuals in a bag. The shock looks nice. They all do.

So how long before we see a shocktop dye?
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Yeah the drivers are a control set. I do wish I could have gotten some low power shots of the Amps, because the way I shape the Amp flight is a bit different from others based on what I've read

Big props to ZAM for doing this as well. He was the one having to sift through a couple hours of my throws.
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Great video!! Liking what i am seeing and now i know what they are capable of, at least in capable hands!!!
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Excited to check that video out when its on youtube. No facebook acct here. Definitely post the link when it is, I like seeing how these discs fly for other people.

When I was doing fieldwork yesterday I had some 440-480 or so throws with the Shocks, based on pacing it out and eyeballing it. When I let loose with them about 25-30' high and a pinch of hyzer they came out of my hand surprisingly fast for a speed 9. I've got a throw or two recorded that I'll upload when my bluetooth adapter decides to cooperate.
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Yea would like to see a video of people throwing on a football field.
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MikeC did you click the link? I don't have Facebook either, but I could still watch the video. Props to Zam and ZJ again for a great video.
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