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It's a Newer basket. all newer DISCatchers have a serial number on the band. There's a way to track it back to the original purchaser if you call innova east. That way it can be returned to it's original owner.
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Whitehall missing 2

We are missing two Discatchers that were ganked a couple years ago. That thing is def hot. Bust that scumbag
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Originally Posted by RonRoc View Post
We are missing two Discatchers that were ganked a couple years ago. That thing is def hot. Bust that scumbag
I mean Whitehall to Ann Arbor is about 2 hour 45 minute drive, let alone the work and the car that could fit two of those in it seems like the gas, work and heat it would bring would be almost worthless for the whole thing. selling em 100 bucks a pop. I doubt these are from there.....
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I would suspect that most basket thefts are crimes of opportunity. While its unlikely that someone would drive three hours just to steal a basket, have you guys perhaps considered that the people who are selling the basket well, might not be the same people who stole it.

Consider the scenario that it may have been passed to another party and its not that far out to consider that it might be several hours from its original location.

So I wouldn't just check Michigan courses. Courses in northern Indiana or Ohio might be missing some Discatchers too. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if these have indeed been stolen, that they traveled even further.
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What If the guy who posted it is on here....?
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Originally Posted by donnyv View Post
Welcome to Detroit
^ This
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Originally Posted by jeffmonty View Post
Guy sold a basket 2 months ago. Then he re-lists another basket on CL using the same pics as the first one he sold 2 months ago. This guy is getting baskets from somewhere, and a somewhat nearby course has had half it's baskets stolen. hhhmmm....

I f'ing hate basket thieves.

then someone toss a brick on the dudes windshield
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Kill the witch!
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How late into winter does the grass stay green in Ann Arbor?
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I contacted the said individual a couple of days ago. He said that he has 2 more baskets, and 5 guys behind me on a list wanting them. He also stated that if I wanted a good chanch of getting one, I should offer more than a $100. I told him to pi$$ up a rope and haven't heard back from him. Go figure...
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