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Originally Posted by LeftyLarryinFL80 View Post
Just thought I'd share a cool story. Got a call from someone who found one of my discs at the course. Asks if I want to meet him so I tell him what city I'm in, he says the same. The dude lives literally next door to me. Just walked over and got my Buzzz back..crazy.
Sounds like you might have a new discing buddy!
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how to get disc out of water ive gotten about 9 outhttp://www.dgcoursereview.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3789&page=10
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Lost a lite purple 12x pre flight rating stamp teebird yesterday at Tyler State Park in Newtpwn PA. It has a red ribbons taped to the rim and should have my name and number on the rim. I may have lost it on hole 20 24 both on the right hand side of the fairway. I am also still looking for a glow champion aviar with a black punisher dye. Lost it on hole 7 on the right hand side at Tyler. Hit an early tree and shot left down the hill
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Originally Posted by Curtis_Valk View Post
I found a hurricane on 17 at Harry Myers yesterday. No phone number. If you lost this disc, please PM me and if I can verify it belongs to you i'd be happy to return it.

Well now I know how Isildur must've felt, the above disc did not stay in my posession for long even though I didn't throw it. I couldn't find it last night and upon thinking back I remembered a strange sound I heard yesterday morning (like something falling out of my truck) while I was getting gas. I glanced around and didn't see anything so I shrugged and went on. The disc may have sensed its master and left my posession on its own. At least I didn't end up like Gollum.

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I lost a white, clear, and green tie-dye Champion Wraith (175g?) today at Evergreen Park in Goleta. I threw it on hole 5 and it landed somewhere by the big tree next to the hole. I left it there to help look for a friend's disc and when I went to pick it up it wasn't there. I don't know if I'm just crazy or if someone grabbed it. I don't have my phone number on the disc but it has my name, Cory Parmenter, on it. I'd really appreciate it if you let me know if you find it; it's a really neat design.

PS, I DID find a Legacy Rampage in a tree to the left of the tee if anyone is looking for it.
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Thumbs down

Went out in the snow today and threw my new Lace on HOLE #16? BLUE RIBBON PINES ... was a nice shot right around the basket somewhere just short and disappeared in the powder Buddy also lost a Fuse to the snow
#$%^&* winter!!!!!!
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Lost a day glow x out champ roadrunner on the top of the world hole @ delaveaga in Santa Cruz. Name and number in it.
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Well it's been about two weeks since I lost these discs, but figured I'd post them up here in case someone sees them in the F/S threads or eBay or something.

For all I know they may still be in the woods somewhere!

Lost this Trak on #12 at the Lions Club DGC in Rolla, MO. Threw it to the right of the fairway and got lost in the cedars! Was just right off the Fairway. Figure it would have been an easy find, but I alas, I couldn't find the thing...don't think it ever left the trees, but I thought I knew right where it was...oh well. Don't think I had my name/number on it!

It had a distinct bubble on the rim.

Same round I lost this on #14. It's most likely still in the woods somewhere. Grip locked it right of the tee...not very far out from the tee. Not a place where many people would go looking as the hole is a huge hyzer bomb. Disc is a Cotton Candy Pink/Purple. Has my name and number on back. Rafe Preston.
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Lost a SSS Black Gateway Magic putter at Reedy Creek last a week and a half ago. I think I just walked off and left it. Name and number on the inside of rim.
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